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Fort Collins High School Club Recites Pledge Of Allegiance In Arabic: One nation under Allah?

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One Nation Under Allah?

Despite what you have been taught, the word “Allah” is not the Arabic word for God. The word “Allah” refers to the pagan Moon god of ancient Arabian culture. The god Allah has nothing in common with the Jehovah God of the Holy Bible that created the heavens and the earth and all that therein is. Click here to read more about the pagan Moon god Allah.

Islamic culture with its damnable Sharia Law has no place in a free America whose money is imprinted with “In God We Trust”.

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Ft. Collins, Colorado: Rocky Mountain High School senior Nuha Kapatayes had butterflies in her stomach Monday as she recited the first words of the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic — a language she learned as a child and now speaks fluently — over the school’s public address system during morning announcements. Then calm replaced nerves and, almost as quickly as it had started, it was done.

One Nation under Allah

Kapatayes is one among a couple dozen members of the student-initiated Cultural Arms Club, which seeks to “destroy the barriers, embrace the cultures” that exist at not just Rocky Mountain High School, but also within the community. Members in November recited the Pledge in Spanish, sparking intense debate about whether saying the words of the Pledge in any language other than English was unpatriotic.

Despite “rude” comments from classmates who disagreed with the November recital and anticipated “resistance” this week, Cultural Arms Club members decided to go forward with translating the Pledge into Arabic. They have plans for translating it into American Sign Language, Korean and possibly Chinese.

“No matter what language it’s said in, pledging your allegiance to the United States is the same in every language,” said sophomore CAC member Skyler Bowden.

Echoed fellow member and sophomore Luis Reyes: “It’s going to open doors to other people’s cultures. It’s going to make Rocky a more diverse place.”

Within hours of Kapatayes’ recital, the school had received feedback from unhappy parents. And while she expected the club might hear complaints, Kapatayes hadn’t, by Monday afternoon, heard negative reaction from peers.

“I hope people will see it not as a negative way, not an offensive way,” she said, “but as a way of accepting diversity and accepting the people of diverse backgrounds.” Ninth-grader Deja Mullenix, 14, didn’t agree with the club’s actions, saying, “It’s kind of a sensitive topic.” source – Coloradoan

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  1. Where is the outcry, the outrage, the media, the public calling for heads to roll. As believers in Yeshua we know that if this was recited in Hebrew for instance there would be such outrage by all that the school would have to offer apologies and some may even lose their job. But for some reason anything to do with Islam is off limits and we must be tolerant. We should not be silent and I so appreciate Greg for getting this out. Let us not be silent but acting in love let us speak out against this type of dishonor to the American pledge of Allegiance. This is after all America. If someone in Iran stated their pledge in any other language they would probably be put to death for it. I understand we have freedom of speech but some things must be protected and the pledge is one of them, along with great songs like God Bless America and our National Anthem. Let us pray for our country, pray for a revival for the sake of our country so we can again become a blessed nation.

    • AMEN and well said. This is the problem in this country. America is America and there should be no dishonor seen to others because we desire our country to be honored properly. Other countries insist on it and no one bats an eye pretty much, but if one does that here it is infringing on someone else’s rights!
      I hate to say it but it seems that if one disparages America, is NOT a follower of Christ–then you are ok. Otherwise you are not tolerated very well. There is a bill in Congress now that will classify things like this or close to it as hate speech….where has the US spirit fled to that we allow this travesty???


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