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BIBLICAL ANSWERS The Choom Ganger in Chief – Hannity’s ‘Stoned America’

The Choom Ganger in Chief – Hannity’s ‘Stoned America’

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Obama smoking weed

Barack Obama, once a proud member of the Choom Gang, is now off sucking in the last smoke of a nation in deep decline.


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Obama stated that smoking pot is no better or worse than using alcohol, America’s lads and lasses of lassitude can now legally suck the lingering fumes of today’s latrine of loose and licentious liberalism deeply into their lungs led on by a former ‘Choomer’ – the President of the United States.

Do the Prez and his AG, Eric Holder, who both admitted to smoking weed still smoke pot today – probably not, but then – who knows? It doesn’t matter, the stage has been set, the example has been set, and the bad influence is bearing its fruit.

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In his usual fearless willingness to address America’s worst behaviors along comes Hannity with his “Stoned America: Shattering the myth that pot is safe” which Hannity Tweeted, produced one of the “rowdiest studio audiences yet.”

Indeed, the group seemed to be off in a free for all with several of the participants exclaiming that they had to be in the middle of the debate, unable to take a position on either side of the controversy. This could not have been a hand-picked crowd of solid conservatives, pre-screened and prepped.

Their confusion over the matter was a showing of a far deeper problem than just whether pot smoking is dangerous – it was a symposium of what a generation of PC indoctrination and godlessness do to the very crème of the crop. It reminds us that even cream can curdle.

In a generation dependent on scientific evaluation of everything to make decisions for them, even the recent results of studies released by the Journal of Neuroscience which clearly show that even casual pot smoking causes brain damage, were glossed over, ignored or rejected by Hannity’s group of debaters.

Hannity’s audience was a full cross section of writers, doctors, and professionals of all kinds, but a thread emerged that clearly identified them as the progeny of the PC generation.

Long since the ‘new morality’ of the sixties emerged, the word “sin” was slowly replaced by the word “problem.” You weren’t an addict you simply had a “drug problem.”

Hannity’s audience used the newer term “issue” repeatedly. The idea that pot use is only a cultural or social issue was put forth so much that it almost seemed believable.

No one was found quoting or referring to the scriptures (the Bible) and had anyone done so it would certainly have been viewed as an anachronism or a perfect non-sequitur. Perhaps no one knew that the bible actually does address drug abuse, and in a most serious way.

The comparison of pot use to alcohol use leads directly to the scriptural warning that being drunk or abusing alcohol is strictly forbidden; why would pot be any different? Using the inceptive verb ‘methusko’ in the Greek language means the process of intoxication and can and is applied to any drug or alcoholic beverage use, not just the use of alcohol.

“And be not drunk (Methuo) with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.” (Eph 5: 18)

Of course, trying to tell drinkers and pot heads that they should replace their habit with the infilling of God’s Holy Spirit would be about the same as asking spelunkers to become sky divers. Yet, we can safely assume that if God does not want the Christians to be abusers then he is also not interested in having entire nations soaked in psychotropic silliness, the munchies and long naps – on a daily basis.

Several times Hannity’s audience sang the refrain that, many pot users were after all very ‘productive people.’ It was as if a bit of productivity could offset the wasting of brains in some people, which would not be a price too high to pay.

We use all the science we can muster to protect athletes from head injuries. We engage the latest technologies to relieve people with brain tumors, so what’s the loss of a brain or two among the ‘productive’ pot smokers of the nation? Call it raw stupidity or hypocrisy, but don’t call it a mere “issue.”

The term drugs and drugger may not be found anywhere in scripture which emboldens the naysayers to think it has not been addressed. The mistake is that the bible uses the word sorcery in place of drug abuse.

The Greek word for drugs is ‘pharmakos’ and it is used in the prophetic sense in the book of Revelation as a strong warning that those who use drugs will not, cannot inherit the final kingdom of God.

“But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” (Rev 21: 8)

Now, that this serious sin has been reduced to a social ‘issue’ we can watch an audience debating before an entire nation how the loss of a few brains is worth considering. The eternal destiny of the druggers’ and the ultimate loss of their living souls not being mentioned is more proof that the reprobation of the last days is going ahead at full steam.

We who preach this gospel or give prophetic warnings can only reiterate that this is a day for Americans to wake up, not to go headlong into a drugged stupor. Our future depends on it.


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