Thursday, April 22, 2021
BREAKING NEWS The Bundy Ranch Stand-off: How Close Did We Come To An American...

The Bundy Ranch Stand-off: How Close Did We Come To An American Massacre?

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Bundy Stand-off
Continuing to show another dimension of the Flash Point at BunkerVille, Nevada, the footage below will demonstrate the absolute tenseness when BLM agents held weapons on citizens.  Noted investigative videographer Michael Lynch who has captured the gross unsecure border in Arizona and Texas, and has exposed the politicians in Washington for their lack of true information as to what is really occurring along the border, now shows footage he took, as he approached the BLM agents under the bridge where America came terribly close to a massive man-caused catastrophic event if the BLM had opened fire on citizens, and numbers of citizens would have returned fire to the BLM agents.  What is little known, is that Militia members from various states already had established a parameter to protect the citizens from the gross overreach and heavy handedness of the BLM.  I am convinced that if the BLM had opened fire on the protesters, many citizens would have died.  But I am equally convinced that after BLM opened fire, militia, strategically placed, would have brought a terrible price to all those BLM agents.  Please watch the below video report on this segment of the Bundy Stand-off. 

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  1. Lyle, that video just sickened me to think that Americans had M-16’s pointed at them by other Americans with orders to shoot anyone trying to round up Bundy’s cattle! For a moment, I thought I was watching a scene from a Syrian revolution! This happened here in America against American citizens under the ruse the government put out there that they were trying to protect some tortoise! An American life for a turtle? How about that Obama banned M-16’s to be used by the border patrol against illegal aliens but okay to use against Americans?

    Really amazing that they were willing to go to such lengths for a turtle when nothing is done to protectt unborn babies!

    I am angered and shocked. I can just imagine other nations shaking their heads in disbelief that this once great nation threatened to kill American citizens because some cattle just happen to be on land that Harry Reid( and son) wants to profit from in a deal with the Chinese!( Is anyone investigating that?)

    Does this portend the future of America in civil war? Probably. What a prize for our enemies. If you want to destroy a nation, get them to fight each other! Sad.


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