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left-wing-politics-3I find myself completely dumbfounded at the attitudes of many left leaning Americans. I have spent a great deal of time trying to appeal to the abilities of liberals to reason and apply logic. Many of you already know what I am about to say, but there is no reasoning with these people. For some reason that alludes most of us. They simply refuse to see how their support of growing government power is creating a “new fascism;” they are supporting policies that are oppressing the very people they claim to care about, and yet they have this remarkable ability to deflect the responsibility for this onto the rest of us.

In the case of the Nevada ranch and the Bureau of Land Management, the left is foolish for not seeing the fact that this tyrannical government power will remain, even when people they don’t agree with are in the White House. At least I can stand here and proclaim that I am against this usurpation of power even in the event that it is applied against those I disagree with. I believe in God first and foremost, and the Constitution; therefore, I believe all people have the right to live free from this type of government abuse. Sadly, this is something I cannot say the left agrees with. They seem to be trying to create this world where they have the absolute right to force compliance into their worldview; which they seem to believe is morally superior.

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I believe the one definitive issue explaining the difference between liberals and patriots is religion. (I said patriots instead of conservative because if we were to go by actual definition, liberals would be the conservatives and vice versa.) I’m not speaking about actual religion so much, but spirituality, a belief in God. The Judeo-Christian God, not Allah. It seems that atheism is a growing movement in this country, and there are, in fact, a lot of people who despise Christianity on the left. They have no clue that they are being used as pawns by communist forces, but I digress.

Looking at it from this perspective it is easy to understand why the left needs the government to continue growing and expanding its power. They believe in nothing higher than man, so, therefore, they look to man to solve their problems. There is a void in their souls, and when they hear the empty promises of those taking advantage of this void, with false tales of equality and utopia, they fall for it. They refuse to see the errors in their ways because they fear true freedom, and that is freedom of the heart and mind. They are afraid to admit that the system that they have come to depend upon is turning into the monster it is because they can’t exist without it. They literally need others to tell them what to think and how to behave; they need the state to reinforce their false ideology to prevent feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. They need the state to legitimize their immorality by making it the new morality through political correctness and indoctrination. Finally, they can’t stand that others have a differing view.

When faced with the fact that the government is getting out of control, those on the left are forced into a box where they either choose to stand for what is right, or continue to support what is wrong. Many times they choose the latter, and will continue to make excuses for such usurpation’s of power and corruption because they are completely enslaved to the system. They have let the politics of envy infect their hearts and have grown resentment, a resentment steadily nurtured by those appealing to their weaker natures mind you, that burns their souls because someone has earned more in life than they have. They have let those with an agenda define their lives, by the way, they define equality.

We were born equally in a state of nature, with the “equal rights” to pursue life, liberty and property. We were born in this world with the rights to equal opportunity and the rights to pursue that which makes us happy. The left has fallen for the communist lie that they can make us all totally equal, and they fell for this because they have allowed greed and hatred to infiltrate their hearts. They fall for this for the same reason they fall for everything else, they stand for nothing.

tom collinsAmerica, if there is one lesson to be learned from this episode at the Bundy Ranch it is that the nation is far more divided along deep ideological lines than many realized. As noted before, there are many that believe the government is in the right, and they have commented on how those protesting their actions should be “taken out.” The Clark County Commissioner, a public official for crying out loud, even said that those protesting better make funeral arrangements. He said people from Utah were a bunch of inbred’s; how humane of him. Despite this obvious lack of value for all life, the left will continue on as if those protesting the federal government are the terrorists because we are willing to draw a real red line in the sand, one that will not be so easily erasable.

While they continue with their vitriolic comments that spew hatred for those that oppose their worldview, they will continue to project that hatred onto us and accuse those that actually value their rights to their opinions as being the violent radicals. In fact, the events of this past weekend have ensured that any reaction we have to federal overreach from this point on will be viewed from this perspective by all on the left. I would argue, and I’m putting on a tinfoil hat now, that the whole operation was a “psyop” designed exclusively to demonize the anticipated opposition. You didn’t think they would let a crisis like that go to waste, did you?

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