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Saul Alinsky and the Moral Relativity of the Left


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AlinskyMany of us know that the left espouses tolerance and acceptance, yet they demonstrate absolutely no tolerance for the values of a conservative. Much of what the left believes in revolves around moral relativity, which essentially means that there is no absolute truth and all cultures and belief systems are equally good, or have the same moral equivalency. It’s funny how they don’t seem to apply this so called “higher level of morality” to Christianity, to many on the left the Christian religion represents all that is wrong with the world. In looking for how best to describe the beliefs of the left I often quote Saul Alinsky‘s Rules for Radicals. I believe the following statement best describes what the idea of moral relativity is while putting the actions of the left into sharper perspective.

“To say that corrupt means corrupt the ends is to believe in the immaculate conception of ends and principles. The real arena is corrupt and bloody.”

Think about what that means for a moment. What Alinsky is saying is that there is no absolute right or wrong, only what we as men, create in our own psyche. That is a popular theory driving many of today’s social science curriculums. When he is discussing the idea of corrupted methods corrupting the end results, and saying this belief is equivalent to the ridiculous idea that there is an absolute truth, he is in essence describing the morality from which the left operates. The left does not believe that anything they do is wrong because the concept of an absolute does not exist; therefore, whatever methods they employ in achieving their ultimate end, (communism) is acceptable because they believe that end is what is best for everyone.

Therefore, by corrupting themselves in order to achieve this end, they are in a sense, expressing their twisted sense of morality. By describing the real arena as being corrupt and bloody, Alinsky is essentially admitting that the game of politics and social change is all out warfare, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to win.

On the other side is the complete antithesis of all of this, those that do believe in an absolute morality and most importantly, God. I have come to the conclusion this is the reason we seem to be on the losing end of everything, at least in the physical sense anyway. Many of us are not willing to go the depths that the left has demonstrated they are willing to go, in order to fight for our principles. In many aspects doing so would be against the very principles we would be fighting to preserve. The left takes advantage of this in many ways. American Christians are the most tolerant and accepting people; we are far more likely to entertain ideas that go against our better judgment because we don’t want to come across as being too judgmental. This is how the left have used our own values against us, by accusing us of not espousing to the values which we profess to believe in. This is how they have silenced many people into compliance.

We have to bring ourselves to the point where absolute truth and the idea of absolute right and wrong are worth fighting for. We can’t let ourselves be beat down by those who believe that lies and deceit are the way to ultimate victory. If you haven’t noticed, the left never reaches a point of reflection, where they seem to realize that what they are doing is wrong, and they won’t. They will continue to lie, cheat and steal until they have accomplished their goal. They will take full advantage of any little “crisis” along the way as well. I don’t know about you America, but there is an awful lot worth fighting for here in America, among those are my absolute right to seek truth.




Written by David Risselada on Freedom Outpost

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