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What does faith look like to you? How do you define it?

It is important to know the answers to these questions. Even more important is having the right answer, not my answer or yours but God’s.

To have faith in God means also to trust in Him. Let me ask you; what exactly do you as a Believer in Jesus base your faith on? Is it based on you and your circumstances or maybe the current state of your life or health? If your faith, your trust in the God that created you is based upon these things; your faith is flawed and it will fail you.

Faith in God cannot and must not be based on us! We cannot build a solid foundation of trust in Christ based on how life is going for us. Lets say that you lose your job, maybe even your home. Where does that leave your faith? What if your health deteriorates? When life throws you a curve ball or two is your faith going to survive or crumble into dust?

Faith that is built looking through the lens of self will not stand the test of time…it will not. The world, our circumstances, and we ourselves are ever changing, God never changes.

People lose faith in God for many reasons, but they all come from the same thing, a wrong outlook on what defines faith. A person has serious health issues and struggles in having a strong faith in Christ…why? Because that persons faith is built on self not God. Because God did not do as that person wanted, namely heal them, their faith becomes weak. Now take that same person; faith is built on God and His promises, that person’s faith remains strong, see the difference?

God promised to never leave us, He did not promise we would always get what we ask for regardless of whether or not it is in His will. Sure we want to be healthy, sure we want to live a good life, and there is nothing wrong with these things. But God lets things happen for a reason, just because we do not always see the reason does not mean that there isn’t one.

Sometimes the only reason we go through things is get us to a place where we will listen to God. A place where we will stop depending on ourselves and start depending on Him.

Other times we may go through something unpleasant that our experience may be used to reach someone else for God, or that what happened to us and the results of that happening may glorify the Lord. This is why it is called faith…we walk by faith not by sight.

Choosing to trust in yourself is choosing NOT to trust in God. You are in effect saying “I know better than You do God”, do you really think so?

This is not what I teach this is what God’s Word teaches. The Bible is replete with stories that illustrate this truth. The walls of Jericho came down because (Joshua 6) God told Joshua to march around them for seven days. This sounds on the face of it ludicrous does it not? But Joshua had faith in God and did as commanded…and the walls came down just as God said they would.

In Judges 7 Gideon faced a huge army, the men of this army he faced were “like grasshoppers for multitude; and their camels were without number, as the sand by the sea side for multitude”. Yet God told Gideon to face this multitude of men with only 300 men of his own! That sounds crazy…but Gideon chose to trust God, and God delivered them into his hand as He said He would.

Faith then is trust; trust in God to deliver on what He says He will. Faith is not a roller coaster ride that goes up and down depending on what happens in your life.

Throw out all your misconceptions of what YOU think faith is or even what I have said it is…and get out your Bible and read about what God says faith is. He has plenty to say about it.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substanceof things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen

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