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Evil And Debauchery Reign Supreme: Where Is The Voice Of The Church?

Where is the Voice of the Church?

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When looking at the world around you, what do you see? Do the eyes of your heart really take in what is so prevalent in this world?

There is of course good in the world and yet as time marches on we seem to see more and more downright evil. Where are the voices denouncing this?

Babies burned as fuel to heat a hospital, Christians beheaded for refusing to recant Christ, abortions are as common as shopping at the store, blasphemy against God is an everyday occurrence, serving self is the primary goal of existence. The list just goes on and on…

The World is descending into absolute debauchery and many seem to think this is “just the way the world is”. This IS the way the world is, but I have news for you, this is NOT the way God wants it to be. This is the way the people want it to be.

There is a price to be paid for living outside the will of God, a very steep price…and those who abhor God will pay it. They will pay with an eternity of suffering after this life is long gone.

Where is the teaching in the Church on this? Where is the moral outrage?

Instead we see more and more so-called “ministries” deciding that they know better than God and do what is plainly against the Word of God. One well-known charity had decided to start hiring Christian married homosexual staff members…except that there is no such thing as “Christian” homosexuals. Then after a huge outcry, the decision was reversed; funding going down was mentioned. They had “prayed for years” whether or not to hire homosexual staff members, what is there to pray about? God says homosexuality is wrong, period.

There is way too much feel good teaching in today’s Church; it is seemingly very pervasive and very much tolerated. This is not how it should be.

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The Bible should be taught according to what is in it, all of it. Having said that; this is not carte blanche to bash people over the head with their sins either. I have heard people say; God hates this sin and He hates you too…NO He does not. This kind of teaching is abhorrent, God loves the sinner He hates the sin.

People need to be told truthfully what sin is and where that sin will lead them. They need to be told this in love because we the Believer care about them, not in self-righteousness by clueless preachers, evangelists, and bloggers etc.

The Church needs to wake up and find it’s voice again while not tolerating those who hatefully denounce others thinking themselves above reproach.

Let us preach the message of Christ…and while doing so love others. We as the body of Christ need to remember two things.

  1. The Word needs to be preached, all of it unapologetically, lovingly.
  2. No matter how repugnant someone’s sins may be…we were and are no better, all have sinned.

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  1. The church is either apathetic or too politically correct and ‘tolerant. I post things of importance like the above mentioned issues and either no one responds or one at most. I am not impressed with the way believers are all over their favorite forms of entertainment…including Christian music and movies, and yet show no interest in things that truly matter. I’d settle for a balance at least as I’m surely not opposed to having interests in other things. I guess I’m just surprised at the church’s lack of a voice. The church’s attitude, I believe, is a BIG reason this country has gone downhill.

    As for homosexual Christians…I believe you CAN be a Christian and be homosexual or bisexual in the sense that you are attracted to either the same or both sexes. However if you are ACTING on that attraction, then I do not believe you are a believer…and certainly there is no such thing as ‘married Christian homosexuals’. I have a friend who is bi. She is a believer but does NOT act on her attraction. Attraction is one thing, action is a whole different story.

    Thank you for continuing to bring important stories to your readers and for your commentary, teaching and encouragement.

    May the Lord bless you!

    • Such is the nature of many Christians, TV and McDonald’s etc. are more important than time spent in the Word or encouraging others in Christ. What is important is that we do our part so that when we stand before Christ we need not be ashamed.

      Correct but that was implied, no “practicing” homosexual is a Christian. Those who struggle with but fight against theses urges can well be followers of Christ, for the temptation in anything is not sin, it is the actual doing that is sin.

      I maybe should have been a little more clear on that but such was not the main focus of this article.

      God bless

  2. What Church? The Church is no more.

    • Incorrect! “The Church” is all those who believe in and serve Christ, not any particular denomination or faith. Jesus will return for the remnant church…that is us.
      God bless

  3. Greg, you are so right, there is so much false teaching, and hypocrisy in the church today, so many people being led astray like sheep among wolves. We need to challenge this new age teaching of these mega churches and get back to the Word of God as it was intended to be taught and back to the original language it was taught in so we can truly learn Gods Word. Thank you for providing us a place to do such a thing. Praise God!

  4. Great posts! God bless, you for standing on the Word!

  5. Exactly right on, Greg! Where is the church? Where are the soldiers of Christ ready to fight the battle of evil for the Kingdom of God? It is not that the pulpit is completely silent but that it is not being effective in its messages.for fear of being offensive. It has been said that the messages that come from the pulpit today are so watered down that they would not offend even the devil himself. People are being deceived and heading for destruction and the church needs to not hold back or to compromise the truth.

    • Amen and Amen! I am blessed to be surrounded by all of you here who stand for the truth of the Gospel and against the nefarious actions of those who run this country.

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