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FEATURED ARTICLES Bill Maher: God is a "psychotic mass murderer" who "drowns babies

Bill Maher: God is a “psychotic mass murderer” who “drowns babies

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Comment:   I had a very difficult time deciding whether to post this pathetic piece of blasphemy made by Bill Maher. The fact is that there are many who are now mocking God in an attempt to destroy and discredit Christianity in any form.  It is the greatest evil under the sun and men like Bill Maher will one day face the eternal consequence for being a willing puppet for Satan.  Maher sees himself as being such an intelligent man yet God says in 1 Corinthians 1:19, “For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.”  God will NOT be mocked. 


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We are living in a fallen world. As the time grows short, we are witnessing an increase in evil.  The hearts of many will grow cold as  the enemy uses the mouths of fools to try and blaspheme a Holy God.  Bill Maher is one of them. There are many like him and there will be many more to come. But the judgment of God will not be still much longer.  The Lion of Judah is coming back in judgment soon.  Believers are awaiting the glorious hope of his return.  The perishing are using darkness to try and occlude the light of truth!  They will not succeed.  Their knee will bow when Christ appears, but sadly it will be in fear for they will know that it is too late. 

Until Christ returns, believers must continue to pray for the lost.

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Note:  Vulgar and offensive video and comments in this article


God is a “psychotic mass murderer” who “drowns babies,” HBO’s Bill Maher says in a rant about the upcoming film “Noah,” slamming Christians for believing in in a deity that he says isn’t true.

Maher, on his “Real Time With Bill Maher” program Friday night, kicked off his rant — which left few religions untouched  — by complaining he is sick of seeing ads for the Russell Crowe movie, calling it a “floating piece of giraffe crap,”

The movie is angering both Christians and Muslims, and Maher, who is an atheist,  expressed disgust that Christians are boycotting the movie because they don’t think it follows the Biblical story accurately enough.

Maher poked fun at the Biblical story for telling how Noah, a 900 year old man, and his sons, at about 100 years old, built a large ship and put all the animals on the world on it .

The fact that 60 percent of Americans believe the story is proof, Maher said, that “this is a stupid country.”

Even worse, Maher said the whole story of Noah is immoral, because “It’s about a psychotic mass murderer who gets away with it, and his name is God…What kind of tyrant punishes everyone just to get back at the few he’s mad at? I mean, besides Chris Christie.”

He goes on to call God names, saying that He is “in a movie with Russell Crowe, and you’re the one with anger issues.”

And belief in God, Maher said, is the reason why “conservatives are always going on about how Americans are losing their values and their morality… maybe it’s because you worship a guy who drowns babies.”

Maher also called all religions irrational, complaining that “conservatives are always complaining about too much restraining regulation and how they love freedom, but they’re the religious ones who voluntarily invent restrictions for themselves.”

“Isn’t life hard enough without making s**t up out of thin air to f**k with yourself? he said.

By Sandy Fitzgerald on Newsmax

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  1. Marianne, not a pretty story but a great example of what we are facing today and will face more of as time goes on. We know that one day Bill Maher and others like him we all stand in judgement. Not to be evil, which I believe I am not, but wouldn’t it be fun to be there when Bill Maher meets the LORD and is held accountable for all his statements, thoughts and actions. I guess I am entitled to have some fun, even though this type of behavior is extremely serious. After all, God made us with a sense of humor, gottta laugh some time.

    • I am with you, Rabbi Eric. The justice of God will not sleep forever. He knows what he has in mind for evildoers. I just can’t understand the extent this fool will go to spew such sheer evil mockery and hatred against the God who created him. Can he actually be that blind to think he will get away with it?

      • Consider Romans 1:28-31 that tells us that God gives up on those that continue to be evil and wicked in their ways. These verses reveal to us that God does allow people to be forever turned to their worthless ways, they are filled with every kind of wickedness, jealousy, dishonesty, gossip, slander arrogance, they are haters of God to name but a few of the things these people will be prone to do. This too though is for God to reveal His glory as the righteous will receive God’s blessings and the unrighteous will receive His wrath. Bill Maher will one day receive Gods wrath and I pray for His soul.

        • You are right, Rabbi Eric. God does turn people over to their reprobate minds when they refuse to see the truth. To us who know that Christ is our Savior and the One who suffered and died for us only to have Maher blaspheme him in such a wicked way just astounds me. How great are the blinders that Satan uses against the lost! I always appreciate your comments, Rabbi.

  2. A fool who thinks he is funny. I would like to see is face upon realizing that God is real. Bill Maher is encouraging rebellion against God in the worst form and many will unfortunately follow along being amused at this “harmless” bit of shameful slander.

    • You are right, Greg. Imagine the black heart that must be in Bill Maher to blaspheme the word of God while he laughs and calls God a tyrant who drowns babies! I can’t even imagine the judgment he is going to face for his irreverence to a holy God who is our Creator!

  3. Thank you for posting this, Marianne, even though it is unpleasant. It seems that almost everywhere that I go I hear the name of God and Jesusu being blasphemed. It is a very serious sin. It is very hard for me to listen to, and almost impossible to escape. There is a judgement day coming at us very quickly. My prayer partners and I continue to pray for the lost – God Bless You, Marianne – your heart hurts over this as does mine. His Name is Holy, indeed.

    • Mrs. CJB, how nice that you stopped and commented. I know you are a prayer warrior and have a heart for the lost. God bless you for that. It just breaks me in two when I hear fools like Bill Maher talk with such evil about our Holy God who created us and gives us everything good. To hear him talk, he is smarter than God! He is blind.


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