Friday, July 23, 2021

I Choose Hope

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When I look upon the world around us, the world I do not live in because I choose to live in the world Yeshua has created for us, I can’t help but wonder will it ever change.  Will the world out there ever merge with the world I choose to live in?  Some rulers like President Obama have taken things so far off course I can only think has this ever happened in the past and if so can things improve. Can an nation so lost, a nation that lives in total sin and depravity ever come back to be a nation that looks to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and repent of their sinfulness and turn things around.


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The bible gives us such a glimpse of what it was to live under a ruler that was so evil and corrupt that the nation did not even know who their God was any longer, they did not read His word and worshipped idols instead. In 2 kings chapter 21 we read about King Manasseh. King Manasseh was only twelve years old when he began to reign and he reigned for 55 years, the longest period of time of any king of Israel. King Manasseh was the most wicked king ever seen in Israel, he led a life of idolatry, divination, sacrificed to the Ammonite god Molech, erected alters to worship Baal, and built Asherah poles and placed them in God’s Holy Temple. Asherah was considered the wife of Baal. Baal was a satanic figure and was worshipped by many tribes in the region. But Israel was told to be different, they were given the Torah, Gods rules and instruction for life, they were under covenants with the LORD in which either blessings or curses would ensue. Under the reign of Manasseh the LORD was not pleased. “ADONAI spoke this message through his servants the prophets: Because Manasseh king of Judah has done these disgusting things; because he has done things more wicked than anything the Emori, who were there before him, did; also because with his idols he made Judah sin; therefore here is what ADONAI the God of Israel says: I am going to bring such calamity on Jerusalem and Judah that the ears of all who hear of it will tingle. (2 Kings 21:10-12) Israel was to suffer greatly because of what Manasseh had done to the nation. His sin was not his own, it was also upon the nation.

I liken this to today’s world in which President Obama has led this nation into great sin, allowing gay marriage, refusing to stand for Israel and make deals behind their backs, leading the country away from God, no longer calling our country a Christian nation, no longer living by Judeo/Christian principles and supporting the use of marijuana which will only cause further drug use and addiction problems.

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But I am not without hope. As I sit with my bible and continue to read the book of 2 Kings I come upon a king, the grandson of King Manasseh. And reading this gives me great hope, hope that God can, if He so wills, give us a new leader, one who will turn this country back to our great Creator, back to Yeshua.

2 Kings chapter 22 tells us about King Josiah, who began his reign at age 8 and ruled for thirty-one years.  Now this king was nothing like his grandfather. During his reign he smashed all the idols of Baal, took down all the Asherah poles in the Holy Temple, killed all the wicked priests and repaired the Holy Temple. During his reign the priests found the Holy scrolls, the Torah and brought it to King Josiah. When he read it, he tore his clothes because he had realized the sinfulness Israel had been under. He then took the Torah scroll and read it to the people. This is what drove him to correct all of the things his grandfather had done. God looked upon this and withheld His previous promise to bring calamity over the nation of Israel. God honored what King Josiah had done, but He would not go back on His word. King Josiah postponed the calamity God promised in 2 Kings 21:10-12.

We serve a God that always keeps His promises, but He is also a God with great grace and mercy and because He is sovereign He does as He pleases. So this nation, this world, as bad as it may seem, may if God allows it, to turn to Him once again and postpone the judgment we as a nation deserve. If only for a short while God may allow us time to once again be a nation that puts God first, provides us with leaders that live a righteous life and lead the people accordingly. This is not a wild dream, this happened, just read 2 Kings chapters 21 through 23 for yourself and see how God worked this out for the good of His people. He did it before and He can do it again. One day God may not allow us to turn back as a nation, and although a remnant congregation of true believers may survive, the rest of the world may not. This is not our decision, and our ways and our time clock is does apply to our Creator, we must continue to live our lives for the LORD, surrender ourselves to Yeshua and serve Him only. This is my choice, what will your choice be. What will you choose to believe, the choice of hope or doom and gloom. I believe that our Savior does not want us to live a life of doom and gloom, be ready yes, but be cheerful, be joyful, be at peace and know that we serve a God that loves us and desires that none should perish but all will come to know Him.

May the God of the patriarchs and the Creator of the universe bless you and show you much favor.

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    • Wulfrano, if any country is going down the tube it is ours, not Israel. Israel is God’s and nothing will ever bring Israel down the tube so long as God is on the throne. Please explain what you mean when you say Israel is Talmudic and antichristian, have you experienced antichristian persecution by Israel. I am trying to understand your thoughts on this so I can reply appropriately. Thank you.

  1. Great reminder, Rabbi Eric. Your message is right on. Sometimes as I grow frustrated with this country that is turning more and more away from the God who blessed us and made us a powerful nation, I fear for those lost. But then I think about another evil nation, Nineveh, which also turned to evil and away from good and God sent Jonah to tell them to repent and they did. Will that happen here? I don’t know and maybe not. However, for those who love the Lord and who continue in the race, he will work out his purpose and plan for their lives. Their future is set in the book of life and nothing can stop that from happening.

    • Marianne, I am thankful that you are blessed by my article. We all get frustrated and the only hope I have comes from the bible and the great reminders like Jonah and Nineveh. Interesting though that Nineveh was eventually destroyed just as Israel suffered by being exiled to Babylon. I agree with you, we do not know what the future holds, it is in Gods hands and we already know the ending, just not the timing. So let us enjoy the peace and joy that Yeshua has given us. God bless!

  2. I thank my God for you, Rabbi Eric. I pray multiplied blessings fromheaven upon you and yours. I am so glad that you found Yeshua, in whom the Bible says are found all wisdom and all treasures. I pray that God will use you in a mighty way to bring both Jew and Gentile to salvation. I have also prayed for the House of James – all the children and staff – that they would have all protection and provision needed under the wings of God!


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