Thursday, April 22, 2021


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Ukraine map

Americans should be alarmed over the Ukraine civil war, because what is taking place half-a-world-away in Kiev, Ukraine sends a clear signal around the globe that America no longer is the force for good; the power to stand against evil; the influence to start and direct meaningful negotiations we were known for at one time.  America is in retreat across the globe and our allies know this, and our enemies really know this and no longer even listen when Obama speaks!  Russian leader Putin has accurately profiled Obama and crew, and finds them to be Class-A Wuss; although, they do have that Chicago thuggery going for them.  Obama pulled the rug out from under American close allies Poland and Romania when he scrapped the forward-based missile radar and defense systems that were meant to protect these allies, and Putin watched closely.  Then the infamous Obama “Red Line” speech, as in don’t cross or I will take decisive action in Syria.  Remember…Obama lectures Syrian leadership not to use chemical weapons on its own people or he, Obama, would really get mad and step in, and make everything alright.  Thirteen times after the puffing one’s chest-out “Red Line” speech by Obama chemical weapons were used, and nothing – no action, no consequences, no going in to help the people as promised.  Putin watched closely.  


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Ukraine for 200-years was the crown jewel of Old Russia.  When it broke with the Old Soviet Union much of the motivation came from former President Ronald Reagan’s strong, clear, decisive, and steady stand against all things shouting tyranny and Marxism; all things Communist.  The Ukrainian People responded, they believed President Reagan and they wanted freedom!  It is noteworthy that the poorest people in the Ukraine are the very ones fighting government forces today.  The Ukrainian government is attempting to return to the fold of Russia, but the Ukrainian People see themselves more European than Russian.  Complicating matters is the huge and growing economic debt incurred by Ukraine with no help coming from the European Union who has its own very serious economic woes.  So in steps Putin (the wise old former KGB fox) with a dangling carrot offering to reduce the interest payments, provide additional loans to help ease immediate needs, like food, fuel, heating oil.  Putin would gain access to a very large portion of his former country rich in Russian culture and strategic sea ports.  Ukraine would also be able to begin oil production (fracking) which would be most helpful for Russia.    

As the world watches, the United States is abdicating its’ leadership role – a role that maintained a real measure of stability against nations who only understand the use of power against their tyrannical ways.  Many Americans do not realize how Obama’s out-of-control union giveaways (Stimulus Packages) and social spending has stripped the military of funds needed for critical supplies, equipment, training, and overall readiness to combat an aggressive set of nations determined to defeat America.  Americans have not come to terms with living in an America no longer feared and respected; an America with a weak president, still ignorant about world affairs, seen as a liar and not trust worthy, staunch leftist ideologue who disdains American values, and whose main interest (besides golf and vacations) is to focus on transforming America, all the while the world is transforming into a more hostile atmosphere with realigned priorities which do not include the United States of America.  

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Putin is savvy, tough as nails, mean, and  an experienced fighter who knows how to dispatch an adversary who is preoccupied, especially one like Obama who is obsessed with the destruction of America as a neutralizing force for good; the destruction of our founding documents and beliefs, our heritage and values, and even our culture.  Obama came into the highest office in our Nation with no real world experience, no understanding of global politics and thorny issues.  He came into office with only a communist ideologue he planned on weaving into the very fabric of our Nation.  The jury is still out as to whether or not his agenda will succeed domestically…even in spite of the severe damage and havoc already created by him and his crew.  But while we wait to see how much, if anything, there is to pick-up and start anew the countries of the world continue to be subjected to all sorts of assaults from ruthless dictators.  America is quickly fading into the sunset as a spent and no longer capable Sheriff that can keep the peace and protect the innocent.  

As our standing erodes, a day is quickly coming when we will surely be at the mercy of foreign capitols who disdain us as equally as our current leadership.  When that day arrives, and it is very quickly coming if not right at our doorstep now, Americans will be forced to take notice and interrupt their daily jaunts to Star Bucks, etc..  By then the flames now present in Kiev, Ukraine will have spread to other countries very possibly to those who historically have been our allies.  And we will stand alone.

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  1. Lyle, you are right, America is no longer a threat to any nation, we have become a laughing stock. I a personally very concerned with the Ukraine since I am a Rabbi/Pastor of the House of James. For those not familiar with this ministry, we have 4 homes for orphans in the Ukraine and we are all praying for the safety and protection of our children, house parents and our president, Sean and his family. Please join me in prayer for the House of James ministries. God bless,
    Rabbi Eric

  2. Lyle, thank you for this update! We have let down every one of our allies. Who fears America with this President? There seems to be more bowing to evil rather than standing up to it! Obama has altered the course of this country so severely that I doubt if we can recover from it. America is no longer a threat nor worthy of respect by other nations. We are spiraling downward morally, ethically and financially. Our freedoms under the Constitution are being savagely challenged by this administration. While we are in crisis mode in this country with healthcare and joblessness, Obama took the time to send a clear message to Russia by publicly announcing that two openly gay athletes will represent the United States at the Sochi Olympics. He wants Russia to accept his homosexual agenda. He continues to push other nations to embrace homosexuality and same-sex marriage. What is wrong with the people of America to accept this sordid excuse for leadership? I truly fear for our country, Lyle. I can’t see how anyone, other than the hand of God, that can help us now!

    Rabbi Eric, I am joining you in praying for the House of James ministries.

    • Hey Marianne – As always, thanks for your support and thoughtful comments. As you well said, “Our freedoms under the Constitution are being savagely challenged by this administration.” Actually our freedoms are being steadily shredded leaving us exposed to what is still to come. Obama and crew care less about America’s standing in the world, except to say they intend to collapse us out of spite. Their radical Marxist ideology detests us and all we stand for as a Nation. Obama’s agenda is not a healthy, caring, try to make America even better for the world type of an agenda; rather, Obama’s agenda for America is to totally and thoroughly collapse America as the dominant force for good, and relegate us to “just another country in the world community” status. He already has done much to collapse our culture and what little social morality we had. He introduced Obamacare as the first-step in bringing about a total transformation, Hitler did the same as his first major national act. Now Obama is going after the media by having put into place “watchers” in each major media outlet be it TV or print or radio. These monitors will make sure the Obama agenda is complied with, and this is the exact same thing Hitler did as his second national act. Beginning to see the blueprint come into focus? All of this will be allowed, but a day is coming rather soon when the King of kings and Lord of lords shall declare…”ENOUGH!” For a season all we have held dear will be shakened and even torn asunder. The Lord is in the process of not only bringing strong discipline but seeking who really will follow Him when the foundations of government, the foundations of the earth are ripped in half. I know you know this, and I know you are walking in submission to the God of ALL Creation! LJR-

  3. Dear Rabbi Eric, I pray right now in the precious name of Jesus for the protection of and provision for each child at House of James and the same for Sean and his family and all house parents. He will hide them under His wings!


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