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FEATURED ARTICLES Attack on Power Transformer - Was it Terrorism?

Attack on Power Transformer – Was it Terrorism?

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Metcalf Transmission substation

A day after the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15th, 2013, an assault was launched on a power plant in San Jose, California.  I have read comments that this incident was no more than a bunch of drunks shooting up the place; or to the other extreme – the attack on the power plant was actually a “False Flag” event signalling the advent of Martial Law. Well…this so-called “False Flag” event happened a year before the public was even aware the shooting occurred, so I am not sure how anyone would know it was a “False Flag” in the first place. There seems to be a lot of these False Flags flying around, have you noticed?    The Christian community appears to be as jumpy and easy to spook as the secular community, and I find that odd, disappointing, and quite concerning.  In whom are Christians putting their trust?  Who exactly are Christians looking to for protection, provision, deliverance?  If it is the State, you shall be sorely betrayed; you really will need to find a way to have Hashem (God) help you because you are really going to need His intervention.  If you already are positioning yourself for dependency on the Lord, then Hooray…keep leaning into Him and walking under the shadow of His wings.  Practice now while we still have the opportunity, because a day is drawing close, rather soon, where we will not be able to practice, we will have to actually live under His Chupa (covering) just to survive.


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There is consensus among law enforcement, intelligence, counter-terrorism professionals that at a minimum the attack was domestic terrorism even if the goal was to probe the security and responses from such an assault.  Professional cutting of fiber optic lines and well over a hundred AK-47 rounds fired into the transformer at the Pacific Gas/Electric substation in San Jose, along with evidence that either one or two individuals went down a manhole at the substation and snipped telecommunications so 9-1-1 could not be phoned; and then add evidence of more than 100 7.62mm x 39mm rounds were fired into 10-transformers damaging several, and you have a lot more going on here than simply a bunch of kids having a good time.  The strong evidence already mentioned, along with some I am not writing about, clearly suggests a serious venture was made to destroy very, very expensive and hard to replace transformers by causing coolant to leak from the gun shots; the transformers overheat and shut down, and even burn up rendering them forever useless.  Some transformers take upwards to three years to replace; these mammoth alternator-like equipment just are not sitting around a warehouse waiting for the order to arrive so they can be sent UPS to a location.

Without getting caught up with the CSI and other TV crime-based forensic shows, please know that our Nation’s infrastructure (electrical grid, telecommunications networks, information networks, financial, transportation, food delivery systems, hospitals and critical life sustaining structures like water, fuel, police and fire response) are all far more fragile than you may know.  God has blessed this Nation since our inception, and unlike so very many other countries we have not had to seriously concern ourselves with fortifying and expending massive funds, training, preparation to address infrastructure.  We take our roads for granted.  We take for granted being able to fill-up our cars almost anywhere we travel. We give little thought to pulling into a convenience store to get a cup of coffee, a snack (apples and other fruit of course!)  We dial 9-1-1 and help arrives.  We are out of milk so we travel over to the grocery store, all within minutes from home; water arrives with a turn of the faucet and electricity with the turn of a switch…all quite simple and we are so blessed, so unaware of how many across this world do not have even the basics of life at their immediate command.  There are people who are committed to taking this all away from us; causing severe harm to our way of life; dedicated to destroying all we take for granted.  There are people among us right now who detest our country, and us!  There are people in our Nation committed to dying for their ideology, and taking as many of us as they can with them.  

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So the power substation attack which the preponderant majority of citizens recently learned about became public; in part, because I firmly believe it was another sign of God’s grace and patience, His faithfulness to His people showing us, again, just how quickly life can change.  I also believe the Lord is asking each of us, “in whom do you place your trust…is it the government…or the power company…or man-made systems?”  God is confronting us, “do you place confidence in the flesh?”  How about in books, or even in men and women of God?  Anywhere, everywhere other than in God Himself: “I AM the Almighty God” – El Shaddai!  The one thing for which we are all being disciplined is to know that God is real.  There is no one else but God, and God alone!  And as soon as God becomes real, other people, other systems, governments, the things of this world all become shadows.  

I recommend you move toward God, and God alone!  I recommend you move and practice remaining under the shadow of His wings now…for there is trouble coming to this once blessed and preserved land; this second Israel named America.  

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  1. It would seem prudent to build low cost revetments around major substations – and sealing the southern border would be just as prudent. Instead, Homeland Security seems to be more intersted in what women can smuggle under their breasts and what kind of liquid can be found in adult diapers.

    • Thanks, Craig, for your observation. The only women NOT searched with reckless abandon are those going through security checkpoints at airports wearing Burkas; no search, no stopping them, no even checking to see if they are the same women as on the photo I.D. they may be carrying. As you know, a Burka has only slits for the eyes with all else covered-up like a sack. Therefore there is no way to tell who is walking pass security, much less if it is the person assigned to the photo I.D. DHS does not want to “offend Muslims” or appear to be biased. What is surprising to me, and shocking beyond belief, is the blind compliance Americans have become to the loss of their liberties. I know, I know, there is a War on Terror taking place. We don’t want to offend the terrorists either! LJR-

  2. Powerful message, Lyle! This nation is not only being threatened with attack, there are attempts throughout this country of attempted and successful attacks. Some of them are not widespread reported in the news. People take for granted their liberties when very surreptitiously our freedoms are being stolen from beneath us! As it has been said, “There is none so blind as he who will not see”.

    For believers, our hope remains the same in Jesus Christ. He knows beginning to end and he has a plan for us. We cannot be destroyed. My prayer is that many will head your message and make that decision to put their trust in the only One who can do anything for them.

    Thanks again, Lyle, for always standing for the truth.

  3. In my Opinion is was and is TERRORISM and needs to taken care of!! Our Electrical Grid is very Unstable and prone to Attack from TERRORISTS!! Our Nation is in Dire Need of Leadership that will Fight this Terrorism inside our Borders!!

    WE THE PEOPLE in the United States OF America are FED up with Obama Bin Lying!! We Need Jesus Christ Back in our Nation again!! Liberals are DESTROYING our CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS!!

    We Need to Protect the Holy Land of Israel as they are also in dire need right now from Barack Hussein and Malik Obama are ANTI-ISRAEL, and they wish to DESTROY the HOLY LAND!! Barack Obama is ANTI-American, ANTI-Christian, ANTI-CONSTITUTION, ANTI-BILL of RIGHTS, ANTI-American FREEDOMS, ANTI-GUNS ( Second Amendment )!!

    WE THE PEOPLE who are Christians All over the Earth God CREATED are being PERSECUTED for our FAITH!! I Feel that we are in END TIMES, and I say Come LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ Come!! I say this because FALSE Religions are everywhere and it is Satan’s ( the devil ) doing Deceiving Everyone!!


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