Thursday, October 29, 2020
MIDDLE EAST Iranian Speaker: Israel Is A 'Cancer'

Iranian Speaker: Israel Is A ‘Cancer’

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My Comment: The hatred for Israel and the US will continue. There was no magic solution, they didn’t denounce their plans or their feelings for the US or Israel just because the world recognized them. They may have went through the motions of a deal of peace and cooperation but nothing changed. And nothing will change. There has been a shift of power in the middle east brought on by the so called ‘Arab Spring’, the shift comes in cooperation of Iran and Iraq with the other gulf states and Russia and China to control the oil, while Saudi Arabia is understandably upset. This shift of power is not a shift of Iran’s or Palestine’s willingness to cooperate, they have their own agenda; A new Caliphate and ruler of the region. Why the world continues to ignore this fact is beyond my comprehension. They refused to acknowledge the same when Hitler came to power also, the rest is history.


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Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Iranian Parliament                           Reuters

“What was intended to be a ceremony honoring Tunisia’s achievements was used by the Iranian representative as a platform to denounce the United States.”

The speaker of Iran’s parliament criticized Israel and the United States during a ceremony in honor of Tunisia’s new constitution on Friday, causing the American delegation to walk out of the celebrations, Reuters reports.

Addressing the ceremony at the National Assembly in Tunis, Ali Larijani referred to Israel as a “cancer” in the region. He accused the Jewish state and the United States of trying to “sterilize” the Arab Spring revolutions.

Full Article: Iranian Speaker: Israel is a ‘Cancer’ – Middle East – News – Israel National News.

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C.J. Refsland
Female, Christian blogger, writing, watching, uniting in prayer with the Body of Christ. Romans 1:16 For I am not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.


  1. CJ, you are so right, these countries consider us infidels and promise to wipe us out, first the “little satan”, Israel and them the “big satan”, the US. How many times must we hear these words and turn a deaf ear? Israel takes these threats seriously, they know who they are dealing with, but the leaders in our country either do not want to or are completely ignorant as to how these people operate. Let us continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the leaders of world. God is still in control and that brings me peace. Thank you for continuing to share the mindset of these countries that desire the destruction of Israel and our country.

    • Thank you Rabbi Eric, the knowledge that God is on the Throne brings peace to me also, my heart aches at times for those who are lost in the lies of Satan. Yes, let us stand together in prayer as one body for the peace of Jerusalem and the world leaders. Amen!


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