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In 19 Minutes, A Team Of Snipers Destroyed 17 Transformers At A Power Station In California

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When a real terrorist attack happens, sometimes we don’t hear about it until months afterward (if we ever hear about it at all).  For example, did you know that a team of snipers shot up a power station in California?
The terrorists destroyed 17 transformers and did so much damage that the power station was shut down for a month.  And it only took them 19 minutes of shooting to do it.  Of course most Americans have absolutely no idea that this ever happened, because they get their news from the mainstream media.  The chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at that time says that this was “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred”, and yet you won’t hear about it on the big news networks.  They are too busy covering the latest breaking news on the Justin Bieber scandal. And maybe it is good thing that most people don’t know about this.  The truth is that we are a nation that is absolutely teeming with “soft targets”, and if people realized how vulnerable we truly are they might start freaking out. If you have not heard about the attack on the Silicon Valley substation yet, you should look into it.  The following is an excerpt from a Business Insider article about the sniper assault…

The Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Smith reports that a former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission chairman is acknowledging for the first time that a group of snipers shot up a Silicon Valley substation for 19 minutes last year, knocking out 17 transformers before slipping away into the night. The attack was “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred” in the U.S., Jon Wellinghoff, who was chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the time, told Smith.

Evidence found at the scene included “more than 100 fingerprint-free shell casings“, and little piles of rocks “that appeared to have been left by an advance scout to tell the attackers where to get the best shots.” So much damage was done to the substation that it was closed down for a month. And what happens if they decide to attack a nuclear power facility next time and use even bigger weapons? Could we have another Fukushima on our hands? In a previous article, I discussed a very disturbing report that showed that our nuclear facilities are indeed extremely vulnerable

Commercial and research nuclear facilities across the U.S. are inadequately protected against the threat of terrorism, according to the results of new study released this week by the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project (NPPP) at the University of Texas at Austin’s LBJ School of Public Affairs. The two biggest terror threats facing these facilities, according to the report, are the theft of bomb grade nuclear materials and sabotage attacks aimed at causing a nuclear reactor meltdown. The study, entitled “Protecting U.S. Nuclear Facilities from Terrorist Attack: Re-assessing the Current ‘Design Basis Threat’ Approach,” found not one of the 104 commercial nuclear reactors in the U.S. is protected against a “maximum credible terrorist attack,” such as 9/11. In fact, nuclear facilities are not required to protect themselves against airplane attacks, assaults by large teams of terrorists or even high-power sniper rifles.

The truth is that we are far, far more vulnerable to terror attacks than most Americans would dare to imagine. So why isn’t the federal government doing more to protect us? Well, the reality is that their resources are already stretched pretty thin and they can’t even protect their own computers.  According to another report that was recently released, breaches of government computer networks go undetected 40 percent of the time

A new report by Sen. Tom Coburn (R., Okla.) details widespread cybersecurity breaches in the federal government, despite billions in spending to secure the nation’s most sensitive information. The report, released on Tuesday, found that approximately 40 percent of breaches go undetected, and highlighted “serious vulnerabilities in the government’s efforts to protect its own civilian computers and networks.” “In the past few years, we have seen significant breaches in cybersecurity which could affect critical U.S. infrastructure,” the report said. “Data on the nation’s weakest dams, including those which could kill Americans if they failed, were stolen by a malicious intruder. Nuclear plants’ confidential cybersecurity plans have been left unprotected. Blueprints for the technology undergirding the New York Stock Exchange were exposed to hackers.”

Are you starting to get the picture? We are not nearly as “secure” as we like to think that we are. In recent months, we have seen that our private financial information is not even secure at the largest retailers in the entire country.  By now you have probably already heard about the horrifying security breach that happened at Target during the holiday season

The holiday shopping season breach affected up to 110 million customers, including 40 million credit and debit cards and up to 70 million customers’ personal information. The discount retailer discovered the breach in mid-December, notified customers several days later, and launched an investigation with the help of a private security firm and law enforcement.

And experts tell us that because credit card companies are cutting corners by using outdated technology that is less expensive that these kinds of credit card hacks will continue to happen all over the country. So what are you going to do when you wake up some day and none of your credit cards or debit cards will work because the entire system has been compromised by hackers? What are you going to do when you wake up some day and you have no power for an extended period of time because a team of terrorists has destroyed the entire power grid in your area? What are you going to do when you wake up some day and a wave of nuclear radiation is heading your way because terrorists have attacked a nuclear power facility close to where you live? We are an extremely vulnerable nation that literally has thousands of big, fat juicy “soft targets” that could be attacked at any moment. We have been very fortunate to live during an era when we have generally been safe from such attacks, but the world is rapidly changing before our very eyes. So let us hope for the best, but let us also prepare for the worst.

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Freedom Outpost Editor’s Note:  This is an update that our own Janna Brock reported on back in December of 2013, complete with video surveillance from the shooting.



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  1. Don’t get too ansy. It’s just a case of snipers on drugs.

    • Wulfrano, whether they are on drugs or not, we could have had serious destruction and lives lost! The cardinal rule is to NEVER underestimate your enemy. Those who hate America will go to great lengths to destroy her! My main point is that I didn’t hear of this happening until now. Did you? The news never reported it!

      • Greetings All! How fun being on a new venture like The Olive Branch Report, especially with such a group of talented and insightful authors who share the love for our Lord Yeshua. I was messing around learning how to work all of this (I am not computer brilliant like ya’ll, and Greg knows this very well!) Anyway..I read the comments posted here regarding the assault on the electric substation in California a year ago, and wanted to share a couple of thoughts:

        The assault was a year ago this April and was intentionally kept very quiet due to the seriousness of the event. Truly there are concerns the incident could likely be a probe, and proves all over again just how vulnerable our infrastructure truly is, and how fragile our dependency on electric is. The incident was NOT merely a case of snipers on drugs. The evidence clearly depicts the actions taken by the perpetrators were planned, highly thought through, coordinated and timed, with sufficient fire power and well placed shots intending to disrupt electrical services, even hoping to overload the transfer of current to compensate for the destruction of the transformer that was damaged significantly. There is clear evidence the perpetrators knew the lay-out of the facility, transportation routes in and out, response time by law enforcement, and additional factors that clearly demonstrate this was not a frivolous Friday night prank by beer drinking or “high on drugs” kids or even young adults looking for a good time.

        The real story here is the fragile state of many aspects of our electrical, water, transportation corridors. Many Americans still do not believe America is in decline and more vulnerable to serious domestic terrorism than at any time since 9/11. As long as they can get to Star bucks, or to the movies, or watch their favorite TV shows and have food and drink in arm’s reach all is fine with the world. These wonderful conditions in which we have been so blessed in our Nation’s history is heading rapidly to a change that will take your breath away for all the wrong reasons.

        This was a significant wake-up call for those who work in the fields of law enforcement, physical security, counter-terrorism, and intelligence communities. We were most fortunate this time at this incident. While I do not think people should get “ansy” I do think they better begin making serious plans for the day when a catastrophic event occurs and their life-style is changed in a blink of the eye.

        Thanks for letting me jump in and share. The Lord is still on His Throne, but He is clearly attempting to awaken those who are willing to receive what He is saying. LJR-

        • Lyle, Thank you so much for making the whole report even clearer. You really detailed the whole thing out. I appreciate that. I don’t remember hearing about this event and no one I knew talked about it. I think this was a serious breach of security. I can only imagine the havoc if they had completed their mission. Maybe this was some kind of test-run for them? We are now living in a powder keg and there are enough terrorists who want to destroy us completely. It is pretty scary and plus factor that with Obama trying to get the guns from citizens and make us sitting ducks for anyone who comes after us. He is trying to take our 2nd amendment right away as he orchestrates all phony shootings with crisis actors that he is using to further his agenda.

          I can honestly say I never thought I would see this happening in our country. So many died to protect our rights and now we have a government that is trying to undo the past 238+ years of living free. What a travesty!

        • Thank you Lyle for your insight! Always appreciated. Computer savy or not…you are a valuable addition to the team! 🙂

  2. Please follow that news! The story may have been held back for release prior to a false flag attack to frighten us into martial law. This could well be one of several plots to justify continued destruction of our country. I see Satan’s servants smirking now over the success of their brilliant plans. I also see now their screaming for eternity over the cost for that success. Of course, the devil at that point will then be leading the chorus of curses.
    We are in the fourth seal time of Rev. 6-8, to be continued by the fifth seal, 9-11. The fourth seal involves what is mistakenly called a “pale” horse, somewhat corrected in the New Living Translation as “pale green” horse. Translators of the early Greek saw the word “green,” but could not imagine a green horse. Green is the color of Islam. The rider of the horse is Death and his companion is Hell. Those two will be given authority over one quarter of the earth [the plan for global Islam will be defeated], but there will be killing from the sword, famine, disease, and wild animals. Who could imagine any of that happening? “Impossible,” you say?

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