Thursday, April 15, 2021
BREAKING NEWS Prez: It’s not dead babies, homo-marriage and Obamacare flop – Its Rush...

Prez: It’s not dead babies, homo-marriage and Obamacare flop – Its Rush and Fox!

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Rush L

The complainer in chief is opining, whining and haranguing with George Bush fading too far into the background to blame; would he give his kingdom for a single national distraction imagined or real?


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With the latest distractions dismally failing to turn America’s attention away from the top flops of the hour, Obamacare and Benghazi, Mr. Obama has pulled out the race card, old stand-by economic inequality, and finally with nothing left in reserve, its Rush-Bo and Fox-Bo that have got to go.

Memories of Joe Piscopo and Robin Duke playing in the 1998 SNL skit known as ‘Doug and Wendy Whiner’ are what come to mind, after which it is still too hard to crack a laugh. It is no laughing matter to see someone holding the highest public office in the land acting like a bedraggled school kid who can’t understand that it is all the other students who don’t like him, not just a few of the more vociferous and outgoing kind.

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Polls have the President’s approval ratings teetering in the mid to high thirties, but that doesn’t seem to register with this president. The unpopularity of Obamacare and almost everything else the president has done is a matter of the people. That he does not see this yet makes us all feel just a little stupid – it is hard to garner respect for someone who makes you feel like a dumbbell. Is this something Obama cannot allow himself to ponder?

Are we being harsh, disrespectful or unreasonable? Or are we simply amazed that the evidence of failure is being transmogrified, shape shifted and then fed back to us as in a way that says ‘you Americans are really stupid?’

I can be kind of dumb at times and as a journalist I’ve seen that all Americans, at times, may qualify as cantankerous, difficult, opinionated and obstructive. But now we are like the woman trying to resist the passes of the unwanted suitor, but no, no and more no’s are falling on deaf ears.

Is it strange that for the first time in our history we might be doubtful that Lincoln’s declaration that government of, by, and for the people may actually, during the present administration, perish from the earth?

Is the president philosophically challenged by the idea that when he promised that America would be ‘fundamentally changed’ that for most of us, things that are fundamental are also foundational. When the foundations of any construct are knocked out, that edifice has only one way to go – down. Are we to be scolded for not wanting our foundations to crumble and our future destroyed?

Let’s examine what is now Obama’s best presentation of fundamental change.

Babies (55 million already gone) will still not be allowed to live if moms want to chuck them in the little white buckets and plastic lined receptacles labeled ‘medical waste.’

Marriage will not be limited to one man and one woman, to spite 238 years of American heritage, warnings from the bible, and worldwide traditions that go back for millennia.

Tax dollars will be given to bailout companies, that otherwise may have to go the foundationally sound way of re-organization called – bankruptcy.

Second amendment rights will be shot down for any and all reasons, but no one will be shooting any guns in America, at least not those law abiding kind.

Countless documents and pieces of art in full profusion that declare in no uncertain terms that America was founded by Christians and on Christian principles will be ignored. We will be declared a Muslim nation.

Keystone pipeline and most exploration for the black gold or shale will be deferred, denied or suspended in EPA red tape until Arab nations stop announcing the price per barrel because we are all draped over the barrel rolling down to the cliff marked ‘too late.’

If border patrolmen, good soldiers or ambassadors should die while the heads of state obfuscate and come in late we will be satisfied to watch the passing of the buck until it disappears into the abyss where all scandals get sucked into the black hole called the oval office, – there to be lost in the ages of time.

If you like your doctor you can…need I say more? Obamacare is impossible to reconcile to anything this nation has ever been or hopes to be. The fact that the word ‘repeal’ is still listed in our dictionaries sends faint echoes of hope to us all.

The list is not comprehensive because it would entail more of the drivel we have gotten accustomed to in these last five years’ worth of ‘fundamental change.’ Is there anyone left who still believes in it?

No, Mr. Obama, America does not want foundational change masked and presented incognito as fundamental change. It is far too expensive – it will cost us everything we have.

What’s more is that, we don’t think for a minute that all or any part of this belongs to Rush Limbaugh and Fox Cable News.

“Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts.” (Proverbs 21: 2)


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  1. Well said Michael, I hope more people are waking up to to the reality of Obama. It seems many are still under the influence of Obama somehow.

    People seem to not want to see the truth–Obama is a self-absorbed narcissistic menace to America.To those who want handouts he is great. To yet more who are behind the LBGT movement he is a hero.

    Obama has led us down the path of destruction as surely as Hitler did the same in Germany in WWII.


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