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Sister of Imprisoned Christian Calls Dennis Rodman’s Comments ‘Outrageous’

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Dennis-Rodman-_3Dennis Rodman sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, seated above in the stands, before an exhibition basketball game at an indoor stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea
By Jeff Schapiro, Christian Post Reporter

The sister of American citizen Kenneth Bae, a Christian missionary who is imprisoned in North Korea, is speaking out about former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s recent comments about her brother.

Rodman, along with a team that includes several other former NBA players, visited the communist nation to take part in an exhibition basketball game against a North Korean team on Wednesday in celebration of dictator Kim Jong Un’s birthday.

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Rodman became agitated after interviewer Chris Cuomo asked if he intended to discuss Bae with North Korean leaders during the visit. Rodman also seemed to insinuate that Bae had done something deserving of his imprisonment, though he did not get into specifics.

“Kenneth Bae did one thing,” Rodman said in the CNN interview. “If you understand what Kenneth Bae did. Do you understand what he did in this country? No, no, no, you tell me, you tell me. Why is he held captive here in this country, why? … I would love to speak on this.”

Terri Chung, Bae’s sister, told Q13 FOX News that she had hoped one of the NBA stars visiting the nation would ask for her brother’s amnesty, but instead Rodman spewed “outrageous accusations” against him.

“It’s one thing to play games with his own image, but this is not a game, this is a man’s life,” Chung told the station.

She added: “He has refused to help, that’s his choice, but instead he has chosen to make these outrageous accusations that he clearly doesn’t know anything about.”

Bae, a Christian missionary who previously led tours from China into North Korea, was arrested in November 2012 for allegedly plotting against the North Korean government. He was later sentenced to 15 years of hard labor, and has reportedly suffered from a number of health-related problems since his imprisonment.

Charles Smith, a former NBA player who went to North Korea with Rodman, told The Associated Press he regrets going to Pyongyang, the nation’s capital, to participate in the game. He says the team’s intentions were positive, but government and political issues have overshadowed their message.

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He also criticized the way Rodman conducted himself in interviews about the visit.

“The way some of the statements and things that Dennis has said has tainted our efforts,” Smith told AP. “Dennis is a great guy, but how he articulates what goes on – he gets emotional and he says things that he’ll apologize for later.”

NBA Commissioner David Stern and the National Basketball Retired Players Association have also released statements distancing their organizations from Rodman and his team.

“While we support international goodwill and diplomacy in instances deemed appropriate by our Board of Directors, it is important to clarify that the trip to North Korea led by Dennis Rodman and others was not sanctioned by the NBRPA and is not supported by our organization in any way,” said NBRPA Chairman of the Board Otis Birdsong in a statement.

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“Under the right circumstances basketball can serve as a bridge to bring communities together, but these are not those circumstances. Standing alongside our partners at the NBA, we do not condone the basketball activities to be conducted in North Korea this week.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday that he had not seen Rodman’s CNN interview, but stated that the administration has not changed its views on Bae’s situation.

“We want to see him released,” said Carney. “We remain gravely concerned about his health and continue to urge North Korean authorities to grant him amnesty and immediate release.”

My Comment:
Dennis Rodman is an embarrassment to this country!  He feels that there is nothing wrong with palling around with a dictator who tortures and kills North Koreans everyday! In North Korean prison camps, a child born within the prison becomes a prisoner also!  What a travesty it is that Rodman feels that this evil dictator is worthy of celebrating his birthday when thousands of North Koreans will not live to see their next birthday due to the inhumanity of Kim Jong Un!
Kim Jong Un can keep Dennis Rodman and release our true American citizen, Kenneth Bae!

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  1. As a Bull, Dennis was a great player. He helped my city bring home the championship but he always had a screw loose. This goes way beyond having a screw loose though. I am ashamed of this behavior and his disregard for what is right.

    • Hi catlover60, I am ashamed of him also. I still can’t believe that he doesn’t see the evil in celebrating a tyrant’s birthday with him. On top of that, he makes comments against an American citizen who Kim Jong Un has imprisoned in one of his horror chambers! He could have used the opportunity to get this guy released but instead he took Kim Jong’s side??? It just makes me sick.

  2. It is unfortunate that people like Rodman even get the opportunity to represent our country. In my opinion Dennis Rodman is mentally ill, he has many episodes that lead me to this conclusion. He should be banned from any activities that give him a public forum. Yes he has free speech like all of us, but we should never be surprised when he blurts out widely without any knowledge of the specifics or the ramifications. I pray that the Lord would heal him, so that he can be used for better purposes.
    Rabbi Eric

    • Hi Rabbi Eric, I pray also for this man to get to the end of himself so that God can heal him! It is a shame that he is not only disgracing this country but his comments against a Christian American citizen held hostage in a brutal NK prison is an abomination!

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