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BODY OF CHRIST Christmas: Jesus IS the Reason!

Christmas: Jesus IS the Reason!

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Good is bad and bad is good…while indifference sits on the fence. In years gone by the lines in the proverbial sand were a little clearer. It seems that now if you are not careful, it is all to easy to get caught up in the redrawn lines of today and those lines appear to be anything but clear.

Never before have I witnessed so many attacks on Christmas. Oh the attacks on Christmas by the secular world are fairly normal as many see Christmas, as having to do with Christ and that just can’t be so. How dare we say “Merry Christmas”, instead it should be “Happy Holidays”, or “Happy Winter Solstice”…we would not want to say anything to cause affront…

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Oddly enough even more attacks on Christmas come from other followers of Christ who attack Believers that celebrate Christmas! So the secular world wants to distance itself from a holiday name that implies anything to do with Christ…while Believers in Jesus want to distance themselves from being associated with Christmas because it is to them the opposite of having anything to do with Christ…it is seen as pagan and secular in nature only. Hmmmm…so the world wants to remove Christ from Christmas, and many Believers take issue with Jesus is the reason as well.  Does anyone else see the irony in this?

I hate to break it to you…but Christmas is what you make of it. If it is a time of partying and eating and shopping, then for you that is what Christmas is. Many of us however have a different view of Christmas. Christmas to many of us is a time to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and spend time with our families. How is this wrong I ask you?

The attacks by those who are “Christians” on us who celebrate Christmas are anything but nice and have in fact reached new heights of cruelty. I have been told we worship Satan and are members of his church. All this over Christmas??

It is tragic that people who claim the name of Christian are so ready and willing to attack their brothers and sisters in Christ. While being of the mind that celebrating Christmas is wrong for that person is perfectly fine, it is not acceptable behavior to denigrate those who do celebrate Christmas.

How can anyone justify these mean spirited attacks against another Believer by anything the Bible says? Where does this kind of behavior fit in with love your neighbor as yourself?

Instead of writing an article sized comment about why Christmas is so wrong:

 A: How about helping serve a meal to someone who otherwise would not have one

 B: Buy a gift for a child that has almost nothing

 C: Give a poor family a goat, a Chicken, water or other life-giving item

      You can do so here: Samaritans Purse

Step down from your holier-than-thou attitude for a moment, set aside your Bible verses that show how wrong we are to celebrate Christmas…just for a moment please.

God looks at the heart as we are all aware, so when He judges our actions…the reason of the heart does matter. Nowhere does the Bible tell us to celebrate Christmas, the Word also does not say we cannot or should not. If I look upon Christmas as a time to celebrate the birth of the One who came here to free me from my iniquity and give me eternal life; I spend time with family and friends in thankfulness to Jesus…God is not going to see this as wrong. I will stand on this thinking now and forever until I stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

If you are one who has attacked your brothers and sisters in Christ over Christmas, can you say the same?

Let us instead bridge the gap of our differences and love and encourage one another. The end of days approaches us with haste, let us be found to love one another in a spirit of unity with the gift of Christ in each of us that binds us together as one people unto the Lord.

May God’s blessings be yours and the peace of Christ reside in your heart. May His Holy Spirit heal your wounds and strengthen your spirit granting abundant life to you. In Jesus name, Amen.





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  1. Great post! Indeed why do something negative like attack Christmas when you could do something like give to those who are in need or serve those who are in need. Would not this be a better use of time? Believers who attack other believers for something like celebrating Christmas…there is NO place for this, but there is ALWAYS place for helping those in need…ESPECIALLY if you name the name of Christ! Merry Christmas to you whether you celebrate it or don’t celebrate it! Whichever you do, do it unto the LORD!!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and thank you for your thoughtful articles!

  2. Greg, I’m afraid that the ways of the world, they are a changin’. .. And not for the better! .. But is this not the way it will all end, with Christ coming back to get His church, and those who choose not to follow Jesus, deciding their own destiny? .. Believers can tell everyone we meet about Jesus, and this is what we are led to do, but unless and until we are heard, and Jesus is accepted, the world will continue on it’s downhill spiral! .. There will always be dissidents who oppose the truth of the teachings of Jesus Christ.. Christians must never give up the fight to bring souls to God’s Kingdom. .. We cannot let those who oppose everything that they don’t agree with, to stand in the way of doing God’s Work while here on earth.. So I say, Merry Christmas, and Thank You, Jesus, for the unmatchable gift you gave each of us, who only have to believe, and accept it! .. ~ Thank you, Greg, for your beautifully written articles, and for standing true to what you believe. .. I hope to meet you on that path to Glory! … Merry Christmas, my brother! .. May it be blessed and full of promise!

  3. Greg, Merry Christmas to you and your family, may Jesus bless you greatly and show you much favor, grace and mercy. May you persevere to the very end and keep that spirit alive, your thirst for the truth and hunger for His Word. Thank you for all you do in shinning the light of Messiah upon so many. And let us all remember Jesus is the reason for the season, and every day is His season.
    Rabbi Eric


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