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FEATURED ARTICLES Our United States...or Obama's?

Our United States…or Obama’s?

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Our America?

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We have a person who occupies the White House who came out of the swamps of Chicago politics; who learned his craft at the knee of the communist revolutionary Frank Marshall Davis; who then studied under Marxist professors and mentors; who launched his p0litical career in the living room of Marxist revolutionaries and domestic terrorists; who worked with and has been closely associated with socialist organizations like Acorn and thugs belonging to S.E.I.U.; who sat for two decades under the guidance of a radical anti-American preacher; who was quite blunt in his speeches as a candidate about his fundamental core value to redistribute wealth and the need for a pervasive transformation of America; who demonized and punished anyone who opposed or even questioned him.

The “fundamental transformation of America” was greatly helped when democrats unilaterally destroyed the filibuster in the United States Senate on any presidential appointments.  Shortly Obama will begin sending dozens of extreme radical nominees for confirmation to the senate for high-level judicial and executive positions.  He will have the ability to stack the courts with radical judicial activists, the likes we have not seen before, including the infamous 9th circuit in San Francisco.

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The communist leaning nominees will include jurists for the D.C. Circuit court; which court, rules on matters pertaining to the federal government.  The D.C. Circuit court is the 2nd highest court in the land in terms of power, following only the Supreme Court, because it rules on disputes over White House and federal agencies.

A tyrannical government exists when the executive branch ignores the legislative branch and the courts are stacked with ideologues similar to the ones in the executive branch.

Examples of by-passing the legislative branch:

A).  Over-turn standing law on immigration, effectively declaring the law no longer applies;

B).  DHS enacting constitution free zones up to 100-miles north of the border;

C).  Placing revolutionaries from the Mexican American legal defense fund, LaRaza, the advancement project, and the tides foundation into DHS border attorney positions and administrative positions;

D).  The planned attack on Syria when there was no imminent threat to the United States;

E).  Joint chiefs have three times been placed under U.N. command without congressional approval;

F).  Shutting down 500-coal power plants

We are under attack from within our own government.

We are in a war!  Not one we chose, but one that intends to dominate us as citizens and decimate our beloved country.

We are in a war!  This war is being waged by ideologues who, similar to Mr. Obama, studied Karl Marx and found a kindred spirit with him versus a loyalty to the beliefs and values spoken and taught by our colonial forefathers.

We are in a war!  This war is meant to destroy America as the leading nation for good in the world.

This war is intended to destroy our American constitution, the free-market system, and the values that made our country exceptional.

Many across this country still find these statements difficult if not impossible to fathom, and there may be some in this room who think my words are sensational or overstated.  But I pray I am wrong on this last account.

I trust I am among fellow Believers who believe the gift of freedom and inalienable rights handed to us is now deliberately being taken away by a tyrannical group of people who despise our republic and all it stands for, especially one nation under God whose natural laws of freedom are at the very foundation of our republic.

We are in a war!  Many years in the making but launched with a full far more public frontal assault five years ago, which assault has not let-up but has even restrengthened through executive orders, extra-constitutional measures and tactics, tyrannical policies and regulations coupled with the threat of force.

This war has come into our beloved Grand Canyon state through subtle, and not so subtle, ways since the brave passage of sb-1070.

Arizona’s four utility carriers are facing severe fines, taxes, and orders of shut-down by a tyrannical government intent to wreck economic havoc.

Arizona rural communities are battling the delivery of wolves which are not native, now have confirmed diseases that are a clear and present danger to livestock and wildlife, and the communities economy, a threat to the safety of children on school grounds and citizens on main street.  The wolves were not discussed with local or county elected officials, but released purely as a federal decision.

Heavy-handed tactics by a tyrannical federal government to close Arizona forest service roads and hiking trails, to restrict recreational areas have hurt both homeowners and merchants, and again no local or county officials were consulted.

The process of by-passing legislators, county and city officials is another weapon in this war to establish regional and non-elected entities accountable only to the white house; abolishing the representative form of government we all have known.

We are in a war, and already have sustained catastrophic casualties:

  1.          The American industrial sector
  2.          The financial institutions
  3.          The energy industry
  4.          Now the health care industry
  5.          The removal of border/national sovereignty

These named pillars of our economic strength are to be collapsed.  This is the Marxist way toward total power and control over every aspect of a person’s life.

The truth is never the point for Marxists; only their agenda.  What is in the best interest of citizens, a state, a nation is never the goal; only the agenda has merit, only the revolutionary agenda needs to be nurtured and protected.

We are in a war…the likes of which we have not seen since the inception of our nation when brave men and women came together to fight against the tyranny of oppressive rule by a king who cared not about the rights of the individual, or the freedoms to succeed without permission; but rather, cared only about strengthening his power, his rule over the masses.

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism.  But under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened.”  – Ronald Reagan

President Reagan warned that the socialist/progressive long-term stealth agenda is to transform America from a constitutional republic into a top-down, central and controlled socialist form of government.

One of Arizona’s favorite sons, Barry Goldwater echoed Ronald Reagan:

“There are a group of people in both elected and non-elected positions within Washington, D.C. who don’t recognize the rights of the states!  Rather they laugh at them.  The concept of government to them is one of federal domination.  They have lost sight of this basic fundamental concept of government; that the power of the federal government stems from the states and the people, and not in the other direction.  These are people who look beseechingly to the government for everything, while we in the West and the South want the government to look to us and stay away from us except in the fields that the constitution says they should be of assistance to us.” 

We are at a point in time when, once again, we need elected officials who will stand courageously for the well-being of the people and not for the well-being of their own resumes.  Leaders willing to risk their lives, their fortunes, and pledge their sacred honor to each other for the general good of this republic!

Men, and women, who like Patrick Henry thundered: “I am no longer a Virginian, sir, but an American.” 

Our forefathers were truly patriots of freedom; believers in state and individual sovereignty. Each of these men had more to lose from revolution than he had to gain by it.  John Hancock, one of the richest men in early America, already had a price of 500-pounds on his head.  He signed the declaration in enormous letters so that the king could now read his name without glasses and could now double the reward.

Ben Franklin noted upon signing: “indeed we must all hang together; otherwise, we shall most assuredly hang separately.”

Eighteen of the signers were under 40; three were in their 20s.  Of the 56 almost half -24- were judges and lawyers.  Eleven were merchants, nine were landowners and farmers, and the remaining 12 were doctors, ministers, and politicians.  These were sober men.  They were no dreamy-eyed intellectuals or draft card burners.  They were far from being hot-eyed fanatics shouting for an explosion.  It was change they resisted.  It was equality with the mother country they desired.  It was taxation with representation they sought.  They were all conservatives, yet they rebelled.

Even before the list of signers was published, the British marked down every member of Congress suspected of having put his name to the document of independence; the document of treason.

Each signer became the object of vicious manhunts.  Some were captured – all suffered in one form or another.

Of the 56 who signed the Declaration of Independence; 9 died of wounds during the war for independence.  5 were captured, imprisoned, and brutally treated.  Several lost their wives, sons or entire families.  One signer lost his 13 children.  Two wives of signers were brutally treated.  All were driven from their homes, their land.  12 had their homes completely burned!  17 lost everything they owned.

Yet not one defected or went back on his pledged word.

The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence proved by their every deed that they made no idle boast when they composed the most magnificent line in history: “and for support of this declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.”

Where are the leaders of today who will stand and protect our sovereignty as a state, as well as individuals?  Where are the leaders?

Where are the public servants willing to take office and provide that measure of protection so we the people may maintain the freedoms granted to us by the men I mentioned earlier who gave their all?

Where are the public servants, whether standing for election or applying for consideration to be re-elected, who are willing to publicly state they are not only vigilant but suspicious and jealous guardians of the rights of the citizens; that they are awake and at attention to the conduct of the national rulers, and they are ready, if anything improper appears, to sound the alarm to the people, and not only to be the voice, but, if necessary, the arm of the people’s discontent!

Where are these leaders?

The sand in the hour-glass falls quickly and steadily, and unless men and women come forward and stand with the same zest, integrity, and commitment shown by these humble men in Philadelphia 237-years ago, time will run out on this experiment called “ a republic”.

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  1. Excellent speech, Lyle. Yes we are in a war today. It is a war which began when eyes were blinded, ears were closed and hearts were hardened to the truth! It is a war which pits man against his God as a lie is called truth and evil is labeled good. It has been said that a soldiers worth is only known in times of war. Are there any leaders who will fight for righteousness despite the cost? Is anyone willing to stand up as Patrick Henry did at the Virginia house of Burgesses in 1775 and say:

    “Mr.President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.”

    Patrick Henry closed his speech by saying, “…give me liberty or give me death”. Now that is a true patriot!


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