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FEATURED ARTICLES Obama responds to Israel: “Threats will not bring about security”

Obama responds to Israel: “Threats will not bring about security”

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In Geneva, Obama established Iran as a nuclear threshold state,” a senior level Israeli official told Israel’s Channel 2 News.  He added that the present agreement was a shameful US policy failure that Israel does not have to live with.                posted from Jerusalem Online


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After Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called the agreement an historic mistake, US President Obama, while standing in front of the Republic opposition in the US Congress, defends the agreement between Iran and the world powers. “It is forbidden to reject a peaceful solution. The easiest thing to do is to threaten, but this is not the correct thing to do for our security,” Obama stated. Earlier on, the EU reported that the easing of sanctions on Iran will begin immediately.

US President Obama defended his appeasement policy in regards to Iran, in light of criticism from both the Republican Party in the United States and from the Israeli government since the signing of an agreement between Iran and the world powers earlier this week.  The US President stated that despite the agreement, “great challenges” remain in order to reach a final agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

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“For the first time in a decade, we succeeded to stop the progress of the Iranian nuclear program,” Obama stated.  “Significant parts of the nuclear program will be held back and others will be frozen.  Diplomacy will continue in the coming months to settle once and for all the threat of the Iranian nuclear program.”

“Left in front of us, there are great challenges; but we cannot close the diplomatic door.  It is forbidden to reject a peaceful solution to world problems.  We are forbidden to force ourselves into the endless circle of violence.    Rough speech and threats is the easiest thing to do, but this is not the right thing to do for our national security,” US President Obama added.


Iraninan celebration: The signing of the agreement earlier this week Photo Credit: Reuters

Israel is outraged

 Obama’s statements come in the background of Israeli outrage at the agreement which led to a tense phone call between the two leaders.  “In Geneva, Obama established Iran as a nuclear threshold state,” a senior level Israeli official told Israel’s Channel 2 News.  He added that the present agreement was a shameful US policy failure that Israel does not have to live with.

Israel also registered her anger at the secret channel that exists via American mediation in Oman.  The Americans tried to hide the channel from Israel, but Israeli intelligence managed to discover it.  Although the Americans knew about it, they kept it classified and hid it from Israel.

Yesterday, the signs of the implementation of the agreement with Iran already began to prop up.  French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced that the European Union is expected to ease sanctions on Iran already this coming December.  In an interview with the radio station Europe 1, Fabius announced that a meeting of the European foreign ministers on the subject is set to occur within the next few weeks.


My comment:

Who among the sane, civilized world believes that this agreement with Iran is actually going to work out and not bring destruction on Israel?  The Jewish leaders are not stupid nor are they going to allow themselves to be sitting targets for the enemy! This approach by Obama will bring havoc not only to Israel but to America as we ease sanctions to Iran and allow them to continue building their nuclear weapons! 

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  1. Marianne, as much as it hurts me to see these events unfold, as a Jewish believer in Messiah, I hold on to the one thing that brings me peace, and that is that God is on the throne, and He and only He is in control. What looks like disaster to us, from our human eyes may very well be what God has set in motion. Psalm 122:6 instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, in other words for the speedy return of Yeshua. That and only that will put an end to all this nonsense of man toying with Gods land. Please join me in that prayer every day. God bless you for bringing the truth to us.
    Rabbi Eric

    • You are so right, Rabbi Eric. Our God is on the throne with authority over all that happens. It does bother me that this country seems to be distancing from Israel when God has blessed us for so long because we did once stand with Israel completely! You cannot join forces with the evil and expect victory. Iranian leaders have vowed to wipe America and Israel off the map. To withdraw the sanctions and allow them to continue in their nuclear activity is a roadmap for our destruction. But as you say. Rabbi, our God is sovereign and always in control!

      Thank you for always bringing out the truth of the matter! God bless you.


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