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FEATURED ARTICLES Disgusting ‘Black Friday’ Events Reveal A Dark And Evil Spirit Over America

Disgusting ‘Black Friday’ Events Reveal A Dark And Evil Spirit Over America

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“And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” Matthew 24:12

Forget the fact that Christmas in America is no longer, and hasn’t been for quite some time, about the birth of Jesus but instead become a selfish and self-centered day of acquisitions. Events that took place in malls all over the country today reveal something that goes deeper than that. A pall has been cast over our nation, a dark and sinister chill that manifests itself in how we treat each ourselves and each other.

We have become cold and brutish as we trample each other to buy yet another luxury item we in no way need. We have become a spoiled, functionally God-less society willing to beat each other to death if someone stands in our way. We have no shame, no remorse, and no love for our fellow man.

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How you can participate in this unholy mess and call yourself a Christian is beyond my comprehension. A lost and dying world is going to Hell and your only thought is to grab as much as you can as fast as you can. Jesus wept, do you?


Trampled For A $49 Tablet: Police in Utah say at least two people were knocked to the ground by a crowd of Wal-Mart shoppers jockeying for a $49 tablet computer. Lt. Dave Valentine tells The Salt Lake Tribune store employees brought out a pallet of items wrapped in cellophane, and about 200 people rushed forward to grab the items as the workers cut the wrapper. That’s when Valentine says shoppers knocked a woman over and stepped on her. Witness Brian Wilks tells the Standard-Examiner officers rushed over to help and control the crowd. source – CBS News

Man Shot For Flatscreen TV: According to police, a man purchased a big-screen television from the Target store near Flamingo Rd. and Maryland Pkwy. While he was trying to unload the TV from his car at a nearby apartment complex, a man approached and fired a warning shot, causing the victim to drop the television, police said. Officers tell 8 News NOW the gunman then took the television to a nearby car that was waiting, where a second man helped the gunman load the TV into the car. source – CBS News

Mall Shoppers Use Stun Gun On Each Other: One woman apparently used a stun gun on another after an all-out brawl inside of the Franklin Mills Mall in Northeast Philadelphia. ”It started out, one couple was fighting with another couple. They had words, the guys got into a fight and then the girls,” said Napolitano, who videotaped the melee. “One couple, they were like a family  and all, with a young child in a stroller.” The video shows the two women punching each other and someone in the crowd yelling, “No, stop.” After the two hit the ground, fighting, you can hear the crackle of what sounds like a stun gun and see fluorescent-colored sparks. ”One girl just brought out a taser,” the 20-year-old said. source – NBC

Salvation Army Kettle Stolen: Authorities say bell ringer James Griffin III was helping a grandmother and her four grandchildren get through the double doors of the Belk store at Hanes Mall where he was stationed. When Griffin returned to his post, the kettle and the $50 in it were gone. source – Fox News

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  1. Ouch, you are so right about the “evil” that we are seeing today. Did not scripture warn us that it would be this way? Lovers of self, proud, boastful, lawlessness would abound. No respect for anything or anyone, we are at that point.
    As for Christmas, please realize it’s a man-made holiday, it has pagan roots, and it has nothing to do with “JESUS” birth. The shepherds would not have been in the fields keeping watch over their flock in the middle of the dead winter in Jerusalem. They put them in the barns when it started to get cold about the beginning of November and they left them there until the weather was warmer around April. December was no time for animals to be roaming in the fields. The Bible doesn’t mention Christmas or the fact that it was ever JESUS birthday. It was all started back around 534 with an Emperor named Constantine. He made it a holiday that is now nothing more than “tradition”. JESUS was not born on December 25th. Furthermore, he never told us to remember his birthday. He wanted us to remember the LORD’s supper, When you do this, remember me. This do in remembrance of me, not his birthday or any holiday we have called Christmas. You can see from this shopping “mess” that Thanksgiving is not about being thankful to GOD for anything. It’s not about family being together. What is it about, shopping and spending. The holiday known as “Christmas” is all about commercialism. It’s the shopping, the parades, Santa Clause, stockings, mistletoe and lights, fun, action. It’s not about JESUS. I’m sure the angels are weeping at this “mess” that we find ourselves in and the LORD is displeased with us.

    I understand that we all do it and that won’t be stopping, but it’s still pagan and has nothing to do with JESUS. He is not the reason for the season.

    You said something like, how could people participate in this frenzy and be with people who were grabbing and shooting and doing all the evil things that they were doing? I say, “how can we celebrate a man-made holiday that’s nothing more than tradition and of pagan origin.”

    Please don’t condemn me or anyone else until you study the facts. I mentioned Constantine. Study about that man and find out what he did. He changed the Sabbath to Sunday. Sunday is never going to be a Sabbath day, its the first day of the week. He changed Passover to Easter and he decided that December 25th would be the birthday of JESUS, and that’s just a few things that he did by decree of death to the people of that day and time. Study the Nicene Creed.

    I don’t expect you to post this comment, as you won’t but at least consider the facts which will lead you to the truth and the truth will set you free.

    How can we participate in this shopping mess? I don’t! I wouldn’t go into it if you gave me everything I wanted. It’s all just “stuff”. The day means nothing to the LORD anyway and if JESUS were here on this earth, he would not participate in anything that had to do with all the December 25, hoopla.

    Blessings to you. I am not condemning you or what you have been taught, I’m merely telling you what I have studied and read in a number of books on this subject. I celebrated Easter, Christmas, Halloween until I studied and found out better and now I know. I don’t celebrate “Pagan” holidays any longer. I am not a false prophet, I am someone who now understands the truth because GOD has opened my eyes to the truth (the spiritual truth) that has allowed me to have the wisdom and common sense to know right (GOD’s holidays) from wrong (man’s holidays). There is a difference. How can I be a Christian and believe this way, cause the Bible tells me so. The LORD expects us to “obey” him and not what the world has to say or do. He did not want us to learn the ways of the heathens or the pagan nations that were before us.
    The Bible says, “Trust GOD and not man. Man will fail you, GOD will never fail you.” Amen.

    I realize (just like you) that it’s about souls being saved and going to the Kingdom of GOD and not to the pits of hell. But, GOD expects us to be “obedient” to Him and His word. We are not being “obedient” when we celebrate holidays that are “man-made”. IF we claim to be real true Christians the should we not be “obeying” his word? He NEVER instructed us to celebrate, Easter, Halloween or Christmas, did he?

    This is in love and I hope you take it as such. Blessings

    • Hi Wanda,

      Surprise! I will publish this comment. 🙂

      I agree with your points here actually, and was well aware of all this long ago…just saying.

      I have a slightly different take on Christmas and Easter. Halloween I will have nothing to do with. Easter to me IS about Christ, where it came from makes no difference to me. It is not about candy and eggs and egg hunts. It is all about Christ first, and secondly a time to gather with family and enjoy a meal and one another’s company. As for Christmas, yes you are correct it is not mentioned in the Bible, nor are we told to celebrate Christ’s birth. Still, to me Christmas IS about Christ, and again a time to gather with family. I would respectfully remind you of Paul’s words in Romans 14:5-6 5 One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind. 6 He who observes the day, observes it to the Lord; and he who does not observe the day, to the Lord he does not observe it… Therefore, I would say you and I are both correct!

      I in no way fault you for how you think nor condemn you in any way because there is nothing wrong with it. Just the same, I don’t see anything wrong with the way I see it as do many others. It is what you (we) make of it. The commercialization of Christmas is positively sickening, I agree.

      Christmas and Easter are just days to devote a little extra time to our Lord and our families. 🙂

      God bless you Wanda

      • Well said, and I must say I am happy that you have understood the mindset that I tried to get across. And yes, surprise!!! I am surprised that you would publish it. I feel strongly about the fact that we were commanded to “obey”. There is nothing wrong with setting aside days during the year to enjoy family and friends. I did that all my life. Families are falling apart at the seams because of lack of time with one another. They are too concerned today about spending time with all their technology and thus avoid human interaction. That is sad. People don’t seem to care about “people” anymore, they only care about “stuff”. The LORD created people to be with one another and to love each other.
        It’s good that you knew about the origin of the holiday long ago as most people do not. I did not (I admit, I was a late bird). I didn’t really know the truth of all these man made holidays until I was 50 years old. I stopped then, but each person has to be convicted in their own mind as to where they will or will not participate in them with the tree, decorations, and all the hoopla of it.
        I’m assuming you know about Easter as well. I think I said in the comment that there were actually 2 Sabbaths that week. We celebrate from a Friday until a Sunday, when he in fact died on a Wednesday afternoon and arose on a Saturday nite after the sun went down. In other words, even in the grave he rested according to the commandment on the Sabbath day. It was always Passover, and Easter was pagan was the start. So, there are many things that the average person doesn’t know.
        We both certainly agree on the fact that all of it from Easter to Halloween all the way to Christmas is all commercial and it’s so disgusting. GREED is the bottom line and we are a nation of MATERIALISM. The LORD is not happy with us and we are seeing now many signs in the sun, moon and stars because of it. That is how he communicates with us, in our spirit as well as in the elements of his earth. The angels are sad. When one soul (person) comes to the LORD the angels rejoice and sing with joy, but when we disobey and do what we are now doing they weep, and they are sad for mankind.

        My prayer is that we will wake up to the “truth” before it’s too late and get GOD back on the front burner where he rightly belongs instead of on the back burner where we have had him for years. Shame on us…He loves us so much and gives us breath so we can live and enjoy his creation and we disregard him and his word and disobey him on every corner. The LORD gives life and the LORD takes it away, blessed be the name of the LORD. amen.

        My name is Wandakate…Hope you post this one, thanks…

      • What a great conversation, sharing truth and personal reflections. While I firmly believe that the only festivals we should celebrate are the ones The Lord decreed in Leviticus 23. These are biblical feasts that have either been fulfilled by Yeshua,such as the spring feasts or the ones we wait for Him to fulfill, such as the fall feasts. They are all about Yeshua. However let me make this point as well. Any day we gather to celebrate our Lord and Savior is a good day. So if we gather on Christmas or Easter and it brings us closer to our risen Lord, and we do not gather to celebrate the paganism behind these days, so be it. Every day we should do all we can to glorify our Lord,and these “holidays” are no exception. Sharing time with loved ones and doing so because we follow the commandment to love The Lord with all our heart, soul, strength and mind, and to love our neighbors as ourselves is a glorious occasion. I hope my comments are well understood, I do not wish to offend, rather support and clarify from a biblical perspective. God bless.
        Rabbi Eric

        • Well said and a good observation. Very true that the Bible in no way says to celebrate Christmas or Easter. I like both, but detest the commercialization of these days.
          In this overly busy world, these days are a good time to sit down with family, enjoy a good meal together, be thankful for our blessings in Christ and what we have in and with those we love.
          unfortunately theses days are much more about shopping, drinking and partying, eating to excess, greed, and the hope that you will get what you want.

          I have heard it said many times that the death of Christ should be celebrated and not His birth. While I see the viewpoint here, I disagree.
          Think on this a moment (anyone): without the birth of Christ…there would have been no sacrificial death so save us. There would have been no Jesus to lead the perfect life that was needed to foil Satan and his plans. Without the temptation of Christ by Satan, in which of course Jesus prevailed against Satan and won so to speak…how would we prevail against the temptations of the tempter? And without our own death in Christ…there would be no rebirth in Christ. Christ lived, and died that we may be given life…and we die to ourselves in order that we may be reborn through Christ…to receive that life which Christ so dearly purchased for us.


          • Greg, two thoughts here. The birth of Christ as He is the second part of the trinity is unknown, or in other words He has and always will be here. He was here before the creation of all things, so in one sense no real birth. As Messiah incarnate a careful study of the scriptures would lead us to His birth most likely at the time of Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles. One day I shall write more on this. It is my opinion however that if God wanted us to know His exact birth date He would have made it known, but we do know His exact day of His death, at the time of Passover, as He was and is the lamb that was slain for us, for our promise of eternity and forgiveness of sin. So I hope you see my point, we can celebrate His birth, but I prefer to think He has no actual birthdate just as the God the Father and Holy Spirit have always, and will always be with us. Great conversation.
            Joyfully submitted,
            Rabbi Eric

            • Oh I completely agree with you! It is not the date of His birth that matters, what matters is that it happened and that was all I meant by that. 🙂 Jesus has always been of course and always will be. I will look forward to your further thoughts on this…

              God bless

  2. This has been going on since I was young and women were hurting each other to get Cabbage Patch Kids. The whole thing is sparked by media and the fact that they tell people of these things, show what is happening and show people camped out a night ahead outside doors to be first in line. Also to blame are the stores who advertise great deals and giveaways. Nothing new as I am in my 50’s and this has been happening for decades. It’s just gotten worse. This kind of behavior has nothing to do with Christianity or Christmas and everything to do with greed and hype. Stop publishing this in the media, stop commercials about great bargains and only 50 per store and people MAY act a little more civil at least. Christmas and Easter are not a big event for me as I have no family and am alone for all holidays. I guess the best I can come up with is to thank the Lord throughout the year that He was born to die for me.

    • True mostly…but people and their insatiable greed is really to blame. It never used to be this bad and it will get worse. People make a choice to act this way, I choose not to participate in this feeding frenzy. It is pathetic to see…

      It all boils down to lack of God in people’s lives. It is all well and good to get that great deal, it is NOT good to hurt others to get it!

      • This post is so free and open. We are able to vent our thoughts here. We are privileged to read each others comments and concerns, feelings, etc. Some sites will not post anything that “they” don’t agree with. If they are post trib and you comment by telling them you are not, they WILL NOT post your reply, they delete it and no one gets to read it. If they said they don’t believe in a literal hell and you write in and say that hell is certainly real and you explain why, that would get deleted also.

        Thank you for a free post where in brotherly love and respect for each other we can post our thoughts whether or not you agree totally with them. That is wonderful, as we are more and more rapidly living in a world where our thoughts and freedoms are being taken away from us. There are many discussions that we can have on this site and I hope that others will vent and ask questions or give their thoughts and concerns as I find it very interesting to read all the comments and see how other people think and why they do what they do, or don’t do or whatever.

        Blessings to all, and hoping that all who read this post had a great Thanksgiving. The LORD wants us to be thankful for what he gives to us (the things we need), and not get caught up in the world and all the things that we want (material stuff). What matters is what counts.

        • Yes that is ridiculous. I do not have to agree with everything everyone says. There are many things that people have differences of opinion on and that does not matter so long as the main tenants of faith are agreed on. Disputable matters are just that, disputable and are not to come between brothers and sisters in the Lord. Way to many people make that mistake!

          We ought to be busy instead praying for one another instead of slandering and smacking one another down. I enjoy a lively discussion with people on things, but not when folks become angry and mistreat each other.

          God bless you Wandakate

      • I agree that the core of the problem is people’s hearts. I guess what I was trying to say was that people’s sin feed on what the media and stores put out there. The ‘oh boy I HAVE to have this even if I pull someone’s hair out as there are ONLY 50 in this store’ comes from the heart. I remember Toy R Us way back when the Cabbage Patch kids came out in Chicago and women DID have their hair pulled as other women were grabbing for them. I think what I’m trying to say is that the media and the store ads themselves need to take responsibility for helping make a bad situation worse. I find it funny that it is called BLACK Friday because that is certainly the condition you see in the case of the hearts of some shoppers! In the end NO electronic or toy or whatever is worth hurting another over.


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