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FAMILY Can Watching TV Really Ruin Your Family?

Can Watching TV Really Ruin Your Family?

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Unplug the TV

What is happening to our culture?  My wife and I recently went to the movies, and rather than being struck with the “amazingness” of the movie we were struck with the agenda behind today’s entertainment.


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Here are some lies that are being slowly brainwashed into our minds from nearly every movie and TV show.

Romance is not about sacrificial love, but about how many people you can sleep with.

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Girls acting like flirts with no self respect to their image is attractive.

“Bad boys” are the way to go, after all who needs a man who truly loves?

Looks are everything.  Things are distorted all natural beauty is gone from anything cinema related.

A human life can easily be taken with no remorse.  Killing is seen as a good thing, even from “good guys”

Money, cars, and a dazzling personality are all you need to get women.

Why settle for one man?  Today’s theme seems to be the woman who has multiple men who like her, and she likes all of them.

Family’s are always dysfunctional and it’s funny to laugh about.

Husband’s are complete morons who scratch, burp, and drink beer, while their wives are the bread winners.

Kids can talk disrespectful to their parents and it’s funny.  Things that would have landed them a whooping even 20 years ago are now considered “funny” or “just the way kids are”.

The list goes on and on.  It is no wonder that our lives are becoming more hurtful, more chaotic.  We think we can sit in front of  a screen every day and soak this skewed perspective on life in and it not spill over into our lives.  We excuse the blatant pornography now in most regular station tv shows, with a casual “oh but the story is so good”.  Or the constant cussing with “well it’s no different than how people talk at my job”.

This is an extremely dangerous fire to play with.   What goes into our minds is what ends up shaping our minds.  We can be bombarded with perversion everywhere we turn, from TV’s, phones, tablets, radio, you name it.

Standing apart means turning off the TV.  Disconnect the cable, don’t go internet surfing when you are home alone, don’t allow your kids  to have tablets or computers in their room.

Is this extreme?  You bet it is.  Extreme times call for extreme measures.  If you think that you are your family can live a life that is different, while participating in the same things as the world, you are very highly mistaken.

We need God’s shining probe to come in and root out every evil.  Every evil, not just certain areas, not just the easy to give up things.  Every single area.

What profit is it if a man gain’s the whole world and loses his soul?  How much more so gaining a few hours of mind-wasting pleasure on sitcoms, if we lose our souls or our children.

SOURCE: Director B Life Outside the Box

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  1. It’s not like I know for sure, but Tokay I feel The TV is dead.. Youngsters are on their mobile phone, chatting, playing game or even look at videos. It seems to me that they are even more into it then what was TV providing it.
    Even could say at least The TV was Home..and you had to go home to see it..
    Now It is not case anymore..the Media follow where ever you are!

    • Hi Wil,

      Well that’s for sure! Instant access to everything, and people wonder at the nature of many people as in having to have instant gratification!
      God bless

  2. Hi Greg!

    You’re absolutely right! TV is ruining our lives! It’s probably devil’s favorite tool to apart us from God. I see our Lord Jesus constantly mocked in our screens. All that He taught us, TV teaches the opposite. We really have to turn it off. We can not serve two masters. TV is killing our spirit softly. I pray for our children, they are losing their souls every minute they spend in front of it.
    Things are just so advanced that we almost can’t do nothing but pray. For many people TV is more real than God. No wonder Jesus compared this times with Noah’s times: every flesh is corrupted.

    I pray that I may be counted in those who have their names written in the Book Of Life.

    God Bless You Greg


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