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BIBLE STUDY / DEVOTIONALS True Freedom Comes From Within

True Freedom Comes From Within

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“He whom the Son sets free is free indeed”  John 8:36


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I made a trip to Washington D.C. a few years ago and visited the Whitehouse and just about all the capital buildings.  I read about our Founding Fathers and how they formed the constitution of America, the land of the free.  I actually had tears when I realized how far we have come from those once great Judeo/Christian ideologies.  What happened and why?

Unwavering faithI believe that the answer to this questions lies within the heart of man. We have allowed ethical values to be labeled as intolerance. When that happened, we became our own worst enemy. Sadly, we watched as darkness and evil filled this earth. We stood complacent as truth was thrown to the ground and replaced with deception and compromise. As the right to choose replaced righteousness, the question that needs to be asked is ”Are you truly set free ?

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The bondage of sin can cause havoc and destruction in your life no matter where you live and how much money and power you  have.  Each day I watch with sadness as people choose to live their life in the chains of the enemy who has blinded them to the fact that they are perishing as they walk the path of death. They are not free.  They are deceived! Without Christ, there is no freedom for your life.  You can have all you think is good but you will never be truly happy because your hope to be victorious in this world comes only in being surrendered to Christ!  He is the one who sets the prisoners free so that we no longer have to be held captive in the trap of sin.  Christ is our power over the darkness and our hope when we come to the end of ourselves and have nowhere else to turn.  There is always a way for God to help you.  You can never fall too far that his grace cannot lift you.

What does it serve you to live in a worldly freedom when you come to the end of your life?  It is only when your life is in Christ that you can have peace no matter what you face.  He has conquered all of your enemies and death no longer has any power over you.   Money, fame and even earthly freedom can never give you that!

I want to include a few quotes from our Founding Fathers that show the heart of those who once led this country with truth.  Read them over and ponder how far we have come from this once ideal:

Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual. … Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.”John Hancock 1st Signer of the Declaration of Independence

And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the gift of God?  That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”  Thomas Jefferson, Signer and Principal Author of the Declaration of Independence; Third President of the United States.

Is it not that in the chain of human events, the birthday of the nation is indissolubly linked with the birthday of the Savior? – that it forms a leading event in the progress of the Gospel dispensation?  Is it not that the Declaration of Independence first organized the social compact on the foundation of the Redeemer’s mission upon earth? That it laid the cornerstone of human government upon the first precepts of Christianity?”   John Quincy Adams: Statesman; Diplomat; Sixth President of the United States.

“One of the beautiful boast of our municipal jurisprudence is that Christianity is part of the Common Law…there never has been a period in which the Common Law did not recognize Christianity as lying at its foundations… I verily believe Christianity necessary to the support of civil society.” Joseph Story: U.S. Supreme Court Justice; “Father of American Jurisprudence,” Placed on the Court by President James Madison.

” We are a Christian people…not because the law demands it, not to gain exclusive benefits or to avoid legal disabilities, but from choice and education; and in a land thus universally Christian, what is to be expected, what desired, but that we shall pay due regard to Christianity?” Senate Judiciary Committee Report, January 19, 1853

Suppose a nation in some distant Region should take the Bible for their only law Book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited! Every member would be obliged in conscience, to temperance, frugality, and industry; to justice, kindness, and charity towards his fellow men; and to piety, love, and reverence toward Almighty God … What a Eutopia, what a Paradise would this region be!”  John Adams 2nd U.S. President and Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Who is fighting for those ideals now?  Too many people are being deceived by the enemy. My friends, our freedom has been bought at a price of the blood of Jesus Christ.  All that we have and the future with hope that we aspire to has been given to us by Him.  You can make a choice today to have real freedom that releases you from the bonds of every pain, addiction and trouble that the earth sends your way.  This world is passing away.  Only those things that stand the test of fire shall live on.  Only that which we surrender to Christ can we keep.  Be blessed this day.  You no longer have to be sold out to the enemy and live as a puppet of his schemes.  You have a choice.  Choose to live in the freedom of Christ.  No one can take you from his hands or rob you of the destiny he planned for you.  That is a freedom you can celebrate!

Dear Father,  I lift up to you those who are struggling to be free.  I pray for those who are suffering in trials of every kind and who need to know that you can meet them in any situation and that you have the power to take them to victory no matter how impossible their situation seems.  Give them your peace this day, dear Jesus.  Let them understand that your love is enough and that you will never fail them.

I pray also for those are in restricted nations where to be a Christian is a death sentence.  I pray for you to touch those who are persecuted, tortured and imprisoned for their faith.  I pray that you will reach them with a joy that surpasses their understanding.  May they know that you are with them to the end. 

Lord Jesus, show those who come to this site what real freedom in you can mean.  Amen

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  1. Yes, you are so right. What good would it do a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? It’s all just pride, power, prestige, and stuff, and nothing more. GOD hates all of it. Only one thing is of importance and that is the condition of our hearts, and if they are right before the LORD. His heavenly angels are going to help him separate the saved from the unsaved, the wheat from the tare, the all who do ungodly will perish never to enjoy eternity. Our time in this life is almost up, which way will we choose to go?

      • My name is Wandakate, not Wanda. Thanks, enjoy your site. Good articles and good comments. I hope these other sites will delete those who use profanity in their comments. It’s awful. Hopefully you will not post them if they are using bad language, which seems to be the “norm” lately.
        I bought a book and on every single page it seems there was some sort of curse word. People can’t write books without cussing. Shameful.
        Keep up the good site, enjoyable.

  2. Thank you for your precious words. We all make choices, some choose wisely others do not. What they think is freedom is actually eternal bondage. The deceiver is subtle and clever, we should never underestimate him. But those who know true freedom, those who have opened there ears, eyes and hearts to the truth, Gods Word, they are free only by the grace of God. All through human history many have turned a blind eye to the Lord and today is no different, but the clock is ticking, it always has been ticking since the days of Adam and Eve. Truth is black or white, no grey. When Yeshua (Jesus) told His followers in John 8:31 “If you obey what I say, then you are really my talmidim, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” True freedom is to be obedient to God, to do His will and not our own. Yeshua is looking for those of us who will pick up our crosses daily and follow him, not lukewarm or on the fence. Yeshua is the truth, the living truth, the living word. We as true believers have His word written on our hearts and we will worship in spirit and in truth. Pray for our country and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
    In His Love,
    Rabbi Eric

    • Thank you for stopping by, Rabbi Eric, and for commenting with that awesome truth. You are so right that true freedom is to be obedient to God’s will. Anything we do apart from his will only brings us consequence and destruction. How can that be freedom?

      It is so nice to meet another believer who knows the truth that true victory comes from Jesus Christ alone! I appreciate your comments and hope to hear from you again.


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