Friday, April 16, 2021
FEATURED ARTICLES Jihad in America - The Grand Deception

Jihad in America – The Grand Deception

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Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.—Dietrich Bonhoeffer


General Michael Flynn defense fund Fellow patriots, please listen to this short, inspiring message from General Flynn. General Michael Flynn exemplifies patriotism, courage, and love of God and country - despite some of his own countrymen relentlessly attacking him. Donations for his defense are greatly appreciated. If you can only give $5.00, please do so - every little bit helps. Thank you so much, and God bless. Letter from General Flynn. 

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AMERICA WAKE UP! We need Christ in this country.  We are being surrounded by an enemy who has infiltrated our land and is planning our destruction. Watch this video, just under 8 minutes, and share with everyone you know. There is coming a time when it will be too late.  To acquiesce to evil is to become a slave to evil.  The deception is upon us.  The question is, can we stop it?


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    • It does sound like it would be an opportunistic time for the radicals to attack America when Israel makes some kind of pre-emptive strike against Iran or Syria. But as we well know, we need to be on guard every single minute of every day against them. What kind of peace can we have in this country when those who hate America are receiving high security clearance into the Whitehouse and our government? Makes no sense!

  1. Jeremiah 14:14-16 ESV

    And the Lord said to me: “The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I did not send them, nor did I command them or speak to them. They are prophesying to you a lying vision, worthless divination, and the deceit of their own minds. Therefore thus says the Lord concerning the prophets
    who prophesy in my name although I did not send them, and who say, ‘Sword and famine shall not come upon this land’: By sword and famine those prophets shall be consumed. And the people to whom they prophesy shall be cast out in the streets of Jerusalem, victims of famine and sword, with none to bury them, their wives, their sons, and their daughters. For I will pour out their evil upon them.

    • Hi Sheri, that verse from Jeremiah is pretty clear. Sword and famine is consuming this world and putting believers at risk for death and persecution daily! We have allowed the darkness access into this country and soon we will reap the consequence for our apathy. We need Christ back in America. We need to keep praying. Our only hope now is prayer that God will have mercy on us.

  2. I previously worked in a warehouse. There are MANY muslim truck drivers. I am worried they could
    use their trucks to carry explosives, drop a trailer by a huge warehouse, drive off, set off….
    Or stop their truck under overpasses, on bridges, etc with explosives waiting to go off.
    Imagine if they networked, parked at walmart whses, by malls, by power plants, etc, they
    damage in 1 hour could make 9/11 look like amateurs.
    With thousands and thousands of Muslim truck drivers in the USA they could cause A LOT of destruction.
    Stop letting them in the USA! They will destroy our country eventually, either by bombs or
    with their growing population. England is wishing there immigration laws would have been
    tougher after seeing all the trouble immigrants have caused, the USA is next and we will regret it forever.


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