Monday, April 19, 2021
BIBLICAL ANSWERS America Enters Stage Three of the Prophetic Message

America Enters Stage Three of the Prophetic Message

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stage 3 of prophecy

ObamaCare is now sliding or perhaps slithering into home plate and has finally gotten the attention of most Americans. Democrats, the main stream media and the most goggle-eyed pundits like Bill Maher have all sat up and noticed that the Liar in Chief has put one over on them


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So what could an old preacher possibly have to say about ObamaCare; isn’t it totally out of his purview and field of expertise?

Not on your life – it is the very heart of my message.

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For upwards of 38 years I have warned that America is heading for a fiscal fall that will make the old crash of ‘29’ look mild by comparison. In the last ten years, I have written numerous articles and reports that give warning about America’s continuation of the abortion genocide and our wholesale entrance into the realms of prurient interests and gross perversion.

The message was appendaged with a warning about a dirge of poverty and scarcity. Today that message has seen its entrance with Obama’s healthcare spectacle looming against America’s wealth and posing the single greatest threat to our fiscal stability since the stock market crash and the days of the great dust bowl.

A reduction in the average income per household, shrinking jobs markets, shorter work weeks and now huge increases in healthcare costs are only the beginning.

The horror stories already coming out of the ObamaCare inauguration are being called ‘mis-information’ by the President, but the dullest minds can see that the facts don’t jibe with the Obama diatribe repeatedly offered to counter what we are all seeing unfurl before our very eyes.

What we know is that America has not been listening to the messages of warnings from her best voices. What we should know is that God is not so hard of hearing.

God hears the cries of the nearly sixty million slaughtered unborn human beings who were discarded like so much useless refuse. He hears the cries of those distraught with the breaking down of foundational principles like marriage between one man and one woman. He hears the outcry against the full acceptance and coddling of perversions and porn.

He has done today, what he did in the ancient times, he has measured out a three pronged appeal over a sufficient amount of time (a generation) and he is now entering into stage three. When the three appeals are finished, all that is left is judgment or a chance for us to repent and set the record straight once again. It is the last gas on this road before our little journey comes to an inglorious ending.

The three appeals call first to the head, secondly to the heart and finally to the wallet.

For years I have proclaimed that Americans are capable of justifying any trend that comes along, but when you touch the pocketbook you will get their attention. While it may be far too late to rectify this problem it may produce a new direction for many – quite long overdue.

Stage One: God speaks to the understanding and the intellect to reason with us

God appeals to the conscience, the head of man – first, we see it in the old days when God said to his ancient people…

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.” (Isa 1: 18 – 20)

God is reasonable; he will call man to use his head.

Have we used our heads in promoting homosexuality as normal and same sex marriage as good for the nation? Is teaching our children that everything came from nothing using our heads? Is pushing every mention of God out of our schools, homes, public places and our conscience a reasonable thing?

After being attacked by Muslims who got their idea of God from a single man’s visit to a cave rather than the man who came out of a cave alive after being brutally crucified, have we used our heads in pushing the Christian faith off the cliff? Is any of this remotely to be considered as ‘reasonable?’ Do we really need to ask if God thinks it is reasonable?

You needn’t ask if God has heard Dawkins or the atheists or the Darwinists. He has clearly heard the academics who say our great grandfathers were all apes, he has clearly heard the politicians who say they have a plan for your future while they destroy your nation and accept accolades and praise for legislation, mandates and meddling with your freedoms, your faith and your childrens education. What is his response to all this? He completely ignores it.

He appeals not to his word alone, but silently waits for what some might call ‘common sense’ to kick in and the correction for this course of nonsense would be duly corrected by our own sense of higher reasoning. We may want to go ahead and use that brain he gave us as a tool to save something rather than making it the center for all pleasure, entertainment and personal gratification.

God is reasonable, we are out to lunch and then a movie entitled – ‘Self-indulgence and Concupiscence.’

Stage Two: God speaks to the emotions, the deep sentiments – to the hearts of men

The second appeal God makes is to the heart. We who preach the gospel sometimes make it all sound like one endless threat of coming judgment. While the judgment is sure the gospel is a loving call from a loving God for us to stay close to him so he can bless us with his very best.

God has not changed. When he said to Israel “Thus saith the LORD, The people which were left of the sword found grace in the wilderness; even Israel, when I went to cause him to rest. The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee,” (Jer 31: 2, 3) we can rest assured that he has also carried the same sentiments to America, our much blessed past is proof of that.

If Christ scolded the churches of the first century for leaving their first love what would he say to us? Denying that the founders were all Christians and that we were never a Christian nation changes nothing. History can be re-interpreted, but only fools accept the ranting and doubtful dilettante and trendy prevarications of the PC world.

Denying the past at the cost of the future is an act of an idiocy.

Because God loves this nation we call America – is why he calls us to repentance.

Stage Three: God speaks to our situation, our wealth and all else we trust

For more than half of my entire life I have told individuals and groups and an entire nation that God will speak to the understanding of a man, then the heart, but finally he will speak to our situation. It is not my private observation or interpretation of what God says and does; it is a clearly revealed biblical pattern. God has shown the world this pattern repeatedly across the centuries.

Our situation has no eyes and no ears, no sense and no mind, but it always obeys the Almighty God. It always gets our attention.

The biblical pattern of Israel and many of the surrounding nations is that after being warned by prophets and faithful voices that appeal to the head and heart; the situation around them will begin changing. The bible says God will use everything we trust, besides him, to draw our attention.

Child bearing, the nuisance of calamities and natural disasters, the interventions and intrusions of an enemy, warfare, disease and pestilence, and finally it comes down to the very everyday necessities of life, or as the bible says – the ‘staff of bread.’ (Ps 105: 16) (Eze 4: 16) (Eze 5: 16)

The amateurish and irresponsible handling of America’s economy by Barack Obama is the entrance of Gods answer to what we have already collectively allowed to enter our hearts and minds.

If we make a prey of our childrens lives with the slaughter of sixty million un-born little ones – is there no price to pay?

If we make prey of our childrens minds, with gross Godless education, if we subject them to porn, prurience and perversion, God will ask us to pick up the tab. We will not escape like a band of mischievous kids pulling a trick on Halloween night and running away.

In a report published in The Washington Times Evangelist Billy Graham stated that President Obama’s campaign promises for “hope and change” are little more than meaningless clichés and the reality is the nation is facing a dire future, about to collapse on its own immorality.

The piper will be paid.

America’s situation is listening. It has begun.

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  1. I do like your article except for the fact that Billy Graham got up on stage with Romney and stood by him as if Romney is a ‘Christian’ believing in God Jehovah Jireh. I will never listen to anything that Billy Graham ever has to say again because he has lost his ever lovin mind to stand by and hold hands with satan – Romney, the false god, who worships a false god – and if no other God than God Jehovah Jireh – it is god satan. Billy Graham held hands with satan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think you are way over the top on this one Cheryl. You seem to chose to see the worst in Billy Graham and I do not see why. We all know about Romney’s religion but attacking him and ridiculing him is not the way to show him the truth in Christ. This very thing is the reason why “Christians” have a bad name. Instead of attacking and degrading Romney and Graham…why don’t you pray for them?

      Each and every one of us has done things we should not have, if we were all held up to the Light not one of us would pass the test, and I’m NOT saying Billy Graham did anything wrong here.

      We should speak against false theology and ideas, not attack people. When we attack people we are in danger of judgment ourselves. We are called to make judgment…but we should be judging actions, not the person. God looks at the heart…and we do not know a person’s heart or often what they have been through or why they did what they did.

      God bless

    • I do not believe that Billy Graham did anything wrong by standing with Romney and I do not believe that Romney is Satan. I believe that some Christians are too quick to judge others who don’t believe the way we do. The mission of Christians is to show love to everyone and promote the Gospel, but that does not mean that we are to shun fellowship with others who don’t believe as we do. If all Christians felt that way, how would anyone ever get saved?

  2. That was a hard-hitting, powerful message! What a shame that God’s calling to our head and then to our heart went unheeded. All have turned to his own way of iniquity and ignored the ways of God. Now is the time like no other to repent and turn to Christ while you still can. We will still see devastation of every kind in these ending times but God will remember his people! He knows the hearts of those who trust in him. He will not forget you in your need. May he open the eyes of America before we are totally destroyed by the evil within.

  3. Excellent article Rev. Michael, thank you for sharing. I hope many see this and at least think about it. The end is coming, but the end of the U.S. as we know it is coming even faster.

    God bless

    • Thanks for all the comments, Marianne and others. Yes this is a pattern that other nations and Israel followed and certainly we are repeating today. It almost sound hopeless, and yet it is not. We still have time if we would come to our senses.

  4. I cannot believe you will now refuse to listen to Billy Graham. He has singlehandedly brought more people to Christ than anyone. You should also read what Satan is about before calling someone Satan. In Jesus day women were stoned for adultery yet Jesus washed her feet and people were shocked. Frankly if Jesus were to come to earth without anyone knowing and the life he lived back then how many Christians would want anything to do with him.When you help out the poor the hungray you are doing it to Jesus. If he had not held Romney hand that would have made Billy Graham and his beliefs suspect. Love everyone as you love yourself that is the best way to show you have Christ in your life. There is an actual verse just cannot think of it nwo.


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