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Just Released Interview: Childhood Friend & Classmate Of Barack Obama Speaks Out! Video

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Dr Manning interviews one of Obama’s neighborhood, childhood aquantence’s, Mia Marie Pope.

Mia lived in Obama’s neighborhood, went to school with him and had regular interaction with him. They hung out together and he always portrayed himself as a foreign student.
Obama was even a pathological liar even back then. This must see interview is from Nov 4th 2013. Please share this interview.
This women gives a very detailed description of President barack Obama. Mia is very brave for coming forward and speaking out!
Mia makes the statement, “I wouldn’t be here today if Obama was not destroying my country. I also called the FBI a number of times and no one ever called me back.
When asked if she feared for her life for coming forward, Mia said, if someone else sees someone who is not afraid to come forward, maybe others will come forward too. I refuse to live my life as a coward, “I believe if you submit to evil, you are serving it!”
Thank you Mia for coming forward.

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  1. WOW – This explains a lot !
    God bless everyone @ The Vine of Life News for all your good works .

  2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview.
    A Job Well Done!!!
    I liked her statement: “, if someone else sees someone who is not afraid to come forward, maybe others will come forward too. I refuse to live my life as a coward, “I believe if you submit to evil, you are serving it!” Great Courage indeed!!!
    Keep it up.
    Best Regards

  3. He was born in Hawaii to an American woman and fathered by a philandering Kenyan student who was already married to another woman in Kenya…Moved to Indonesia with a step father and biological mother at the age of 8… I do not believe in him as a president…but I do believe in getting a story RIGHT and truth being our light and our beacon!

    • Interesting…thanks for the comment.

    • His mother was only 18 (if I remember correctly) at the time of his birth. She would have *had* to be five years older than 16 in order to pass her citizenship along to her progeny.


      Personally, I do not believe he was born in Hawaii. There has *never* been a paper (notarized, legal) copy of his live birth certificate provided anywhere.

      • I would love to see the birth certificate. The fact that Obama will not release it only proves that he is lying about where he was born.

      • LOL you people crack me up….always judging and browbeating those who don’t believe the same as you….shame on you…if you do not know it to be true, you should not spread it!!

        • There is no browbeating here…perhaps you ought to do your homework a little better. There is plenty of evidence to support these things. We are also remember a news service!

        • Have you done anymore research? Have you found out what Obamadinajab is? I have not read any browbeating, just you telling everybody what a wonderful person the POS is. I hope by now, January 29, 2014, that you have a different opinion of our lovely commander in chief.

  4. That picture of Obama in Drag was just horrific! Not a sight I want to remember, LOL! But wow, didn’t know all that about him.

    • Interesting interview wasn’t it? The man is evil!

    • I have nightmares about that picture of Obama in drag!

      • I’m not at all convinced the pic is even real. There is however a fair amount of evidence to support claims that Obama is a homosexual.

        • You’re right. We don’t know if the pic is real. I would think someone would have gotten hold of it soon if it was. However, it was on the Manning report.

        • None of the photos are of him … how stupid do they think we are??

          • Forget the photos. How about the information?? Obama is EVIL! He is a liar and surely does NOT have this countries best interests as heart.

          • Well said, Greg. The reason our country is at the point of destruction is because many people, like the commenter above, refuse to see what is right before their eyes! The have been willingly blinded to the truth and because of that, evil has it start!

            • I cannot understand how people cannot SEE what is going on in this country. How can there be any doubt after all that Obama and company have done? To refuse to accept the truth of a situation because of a possibly doctored photo and comments that do not agree with ones thoughts is ignorant and dangerous. This would be akin to refusing to believe the legitimacy of the Holocaust because one did not like the way history portrayed it.

  5. How in the world could this man become our president??? Barry to Barack Hussein Obama? Why is he allowed to continue as our president, he’s a joke! Not only to Americans but to the world he is a fool. I am ashamed to say he represents our country.

    • Yes Obama is the most shameful president ever…he is systemically destroying this country. I hope Americans are waking up to the REAL Obama although I fear it may be too late.

  6. Americans need to hear this and demand a investigation of Obama and the Democratic party for putting a illegal alien in the White House. Everyone involved needs to go to prison and Obama needs to be impeached and fried for trying to destroy our country.

    • Well I don’t about fried but Obama does need to be investigated and impeached for sure. Obama is a disgrace to America without a doubt!

  7. You guys should truly be ashamed of yourselves for trying to pass this interview off as any form of truth. The photo of Obama in drag is suppose to be him as a young man, yet it is obviously photo-shopped with a more recent picture of him. That disqualifies anything else this phony interview is trying to prove… you are evil liars and you say you’re Christians! You all are working for the devil!

    • I don’t know about the photo…but that in no way invalidates the other info on Obama. Obama is a self serving evil man hell bent on the destruction of the U.S. Many people in this country are finally beginning to wake up! The last part of your comment is completely ridiculous…

      If this is all fabricated then explain why no one can be found that went to school with Obama?
      Explain no birth certificate?
      How about all the lies surrounding Obama-care?
      The 3 men all killed within days of each other that were connected to Obama through his church in Chicago?

      • It’s very scary the way people, like the lady above, who have this mind set. I remember that sound.. of her words and I can hear her voice…like someone who is defending a mad man. Jim Jones. Charlie Manson….scary stuff.
        It’s now Jan. 29, 2014 as I write this, and all is worse…much worse. I hope the Lord Jesus comes quickly. With triad blood moons on Jewish feast days, we have a good chance.
        Look up, thy redemption draweth nigh!!

        • People plain don’t want to see that the end is near, they also seem to want to be blind to the fact that Obama is evil…if you turn a blind to he things wrong in this country, then you need not do anything about it!

  8. yes i read some stuff and beieve you, lots of naieve people dont and were not happy with me for saying he is a mussie. they say he is a christian. this doesnt look good. if you compare a lot of stuff in islam wth what the bible says about antichrist it spookily marries up. I think this is it guy! pray for a ton of guts, you’ll need it!

  9. So why is it that no one can find any of his college friends, or even classmates?

    • Well that alone ought to make anyone suspicious of Obama. Not to mention the fact that no one can find Obama’s birth certificate. If Obama has nothing to hide…then why is he hiding his birth certificate?

      • And why was his applications for student aid listing him as a foreign student. Was he a foreign student? If so the immigration department should have that information. BUT if he was born in Hawaii, then his applying for student aid as a foreign student would mean he committed a felony. So which is it?

  10. Thank you Dr. Manning for your stand; we stand with you.

  11. Well, she is on the hit list now. She had better hide far far away.

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