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SURRENDER – An option or not!

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The American Spirit was born in places like Plymouth Rock, and then Jamestown.  It was in its’ infancy at Philadelphia for the Continental Congress and equally found throughout the 13-colonies.  It matured at Valley Forge, and then moved into adolescence at Bunker Hill, Bull Run, Antioch and Gettysburg.  The American Spirit continued to mature at Flanders Field during WWI; then some more at a number of unknown beaches and places hard to pronounce in WWII.  This same “can do” American Spirit was severely tested in Korea where Americans had to fight frost-bite and blaring horns of the communist army charges, as well as bullets.  The ghastly human experiences among horrendous human torture during the Vietnam War brought further resolve to the famous American Spirit not to give in, not to surrender, not walk away.  Our brave men and women in the military to this day are taught not to surrender but improvise, adapt, overcome.  The vast majority of Americans carry this same resolve regardless of the line of work or profession in which they may be involved.  Our sports teams demonstrate perseverance.  Business owners know all too well the meaning of working longer hours, harder and smarter – to not surrender to the struggles thrown in their pathway to success.  Students are taught and provided the opportunity to try again, work harder, study wiser, and celebrate the success of your labor.  The American Spirit of “Can Do” and “Not Surrender” is alive and well from the birth of our Nation to this present hour of  grave challenges.  This learned behavior is worthy to be studied and emulated on many levels.  Leaders know how to introduce the concepts of not surrendering and persevering to accomplish the stated mission or goal.  I, myself, have taught the Traits of Leadership at the university level, and greatly enjoy the subject of leadership, especially the characteristic of a Servant Leader.  I always included case studies of leaders, and would like to do so now for you.


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His name was Paul, and he was born a thinker.  It was not sufficient for him to just experience something he had to comprehend its nuances to develop his convictions.  A superb student he even attended university which is quite an accomplishment any time but especially in his day.  He excelled with a mental brilliance and a forceful personality that rose to the challenges of debate.  He became a lawyer and studied under one of the finest legal minds in the land.  A strong lover of athletics, Paul loved the contests between the best of the best, and he absorbed even more the tendency to strive for perfection, endure the hardest of hardships, and finish the task no matter the personal cost.  Like noted athletes, he learned to rely on his training, his experiences, and himself.  Then it happened!  He met a life larger than his own; a power more powerful than his own convictions and strength of will; a brilliance that shined right through him and exposed the blackness inside this otherwise man of  bright accomplishments and rising star.  

The apostle Paul was a man of great accomplishments and victories, but as he would share with you…these victories only came when he learned to surrender.  Did you catch that?  The world’s view of success is measured by wealth, position, fame or prominence, maybe education but definitely measured by standards far different than those of the Lord’s.  Our society recognizes and rewards self-made man, and the apostle Paul was well on his way to meet, and even surpass that measure of achievement when he met the Lord on a dusty road, who simply asked Paul, “Why are you persecuting Me?!”  It is impossible to exaggerate what took place in the mind of Paul at that moment of encounter with the Living Christ (I intend to sit with Paul over bagels and coffee in Heaven to discuss the whole experience).   This learned and analytically energetic man had to be “lost” for words, much less understanding as to what just occurred.  So pronounced, this one moment of Paul’s life was perhaps larger than all his previous years strung together!  This single encounter with the Living God, and the revelation that this is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, had to burn so intensely that it might as well have scorched Paul’s eyes of reason and understanding, and burnt the “old-life” up to that moment out of the man now trembling on the ground and unable to utter a single word.  Rather than continuing his journey as a proud and prominent Pharisee with the pomp that initially followed this inquisitor, he instantly became a trembling, groping, clinging to the hand of his guide broken-man, who neither ate nor drank for the next three days.

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By his own words, Paul’s life crashed down around him as mere fragments at his feet.  His life, up to the moment of the encounter was solid, complete and getting more complete by the day; a success in every measure of the word.  Now…that which he believed to be a life of perfect service, disciplined, strong and self-reliant was but ashes.  This collision with the Living Christ showed Paul that relying on his own strength was really in vain and born from pride.  I imagine Paul lived in darkness (literally blinded) for three days reviewing his life.  What did he see as he pondered thirty-some years?  How about you?  Close your eyes and look over your life just this past week.  What situations did you face at home or at work, how about in church or with acquaintances and friends?  What about the guy at the traffic light; you know, the one we all pretend isn’t there with his sign asking for assistance. Did you depend on your own education and wisdom; your courage or strength; maybe your prominence; what helped you make the decision you did to act – or not act.  The apostle Paul came away from this majestic encounter with the Living God to declare: “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” (Galatians 2:20).  

My previous postings here on Vine Of Life carried a similar theme as this message; namely, draw close to our Lord while there still is time.  There is a day coming, rather soon, when darkness will cover this Nation like never before seen.  Persecution of man and church will take place, severe economic loss and battles will erupt all across this Land.   Near chaos will be prevalent as tyranny brings persecution and a disrespect for the law of inalienable rights – much like the apostle Paul was bringing the day he had his encounter with Jesus Christ on that dusty road to Damascus.  A New-World Order is on the horizon, a World Order not for the good of mankind but for the good of the few, the Elites who will attempt to reign as gods and kings.  Their day of encounter with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords shall come, but not prior to the havoc they will let loose onto a unsuspecting world.  Do not continue to walk in your own strength.  Surrender your will into the hands of the Lord.  Admit you are afraid of failing in the eyes of the world, tell Him you really do not know how to trust Him who made you.  Paul struggled even after his majestic encounter, but Paul was quicker to submit his will, his training, his life back into the hands of the One who created him.  God created you for this time in history.  He is waiting for you to give Him permission to lead you in every way through the Valley of the Shadows which is right up the road and a little around the bend, and even if you can’t see it just yet be assured it is coming.  If the apostle Paul were here now he would be cheering you on, he would be telling you: “Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my (your) weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me” (in you)(2 Cor. 12:7-10).    


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  1. Great article Lyle…right on the money. Can I join you for coffee with Paul and listen in? Next to God, Paul is the 1st person I would like to speak to! Actually he can speak…I will listen.
    I hope many see this article…

    God bless my friend

  2. Great article reflecting on the American experience which still exists but is on the decline as more and more are allowing themselves to become dependent on government rather than fight for their lives. Paul ( Rabbi Shaul-Hebrew name) is a great example of one who surrendered his life to Messiah, giving up a life that was like that of a Hollywood star, he had it all, a great Pharisee, a scholar of Torah and persecutor of The Way. He found the truth more appealing, and with it a great sense of urgency and power. Rabbi Shaul was a true leader, he persevered, he answered the call and fought to the very end. That is what is needed today as believers in Jesus (Yeshua-Hebrew name). We must follow the great commission and never be ashamed to share the gospel (Romans 1:16). I pray we become a nation of great strength and endurance in the Lord. Thanks Lyle for shinning the light on the life of Rabbi Shaul. I will bring the bagels.
    To His Glory,
    Rabbi Eric

  3. Lyle are you working for the Government when you put out things like this? Its an honest question you have listed that your in intelligence and this article screams of Government propaganda. Its seems the first part is a cut and paste of standard revisionist American history with American exceptionalism which does not hold up to scrutiny. The second part seems to contradict the first part by speaking of Saul’s eyes being opened from his false patriotic idolatry to the truth in Jesus Christ. You also mention the New World Order which has its foundation in America since the civil war or maybe earlier. To me this article is bi-polar the first part is idolatry and the second is worthy statement of any Christian. It honestly pains me to write this and if you or Greg want me to stop please tell me and I will stop posting on your articles. I want to believe that you guys are genuine and seeking the truth.

    • Shane,
      As long as you are respectful, you are welcome to post your views whether or not I agree with them. I only do not post comments that are very rude and contain attacks and name calling.

      As to Lyle, you are wrong. Lyle works in private sector intelligence now, but has many dealings with public figures through his work in intelligence. NONE of that has anything to do with his articles which are written on his time and from his heart in Christ. I will vouch 100% for Lyle’s integrity. You may not believe me, but I WILL tell any author here if I believe they are in error on something that really matters, and I will admit it if I have made a mistake in something we have posted.

      Where you get the idea that any of this article is revisionist history is beyond me. Show me where Lyle made up history?

      The second part contradicts nothing. The first part was largely an expose on the American “can do” spirit. The second part speaks of Paul and his travels in life through being a Pharisee and then being caught up in the glory of the Lord shown him on the Damascus Road and how that experience changed him. Where are you getting the supposed contradiction from?

      The New World Order actually started long before the U.S. but the rise of the Illuminati was in part anyway birthed here in the beginning of the U.S.A. Yes the founding fathers of this country (many of them) were Masons…but here is what you and many others miss: Look at what they gave us! How this country was set up and what they espoused! Their stated beliefs and hope for this country were and are better in nature than much of what is out there today!

      For you to suggest that we on the Vine are not seeking truth is ridiculous…where do you see that we are not? This article in particular is right in line with the word of God and also what is going on in the world today.

      Government propaganda??? Where do you see that? This article fairly screams that today’s government is in the wrong!The last paragraph says that all hell is going to break loose here in the U.S. The government spends all its time denying this!

      If you see this article as Bi-polar…then you are missing the context of it Shane. The basic context of this article if I dare speak for Lyle is this: keep the can do spirit of America alive in yourself, we will all need it in the days ahead, and the fact that we all need to surrender ourselves to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior because time is short!

      God bless
      Greg / Vine of Life News

      • Thank you Greg for responding and your questions I will attempt to answer them the best I can. I preach publicly when ever possible and that is the means I am used too and communicating online is very difficult for me as I feel most people misread my intentions or heart which is why I said if you do not want me to keep posting on what God has led me to say then I will stop. I do not want to be a problem or preach where I am not welcomed. My heart is for you guys and I am not trying to slander or be disrespectful. I am preaching out of humility and love, although typing about such controversy doubtfully reflects that.

        Why did I ask if Lyle was still working for the Government was not an attack on Lyle, but a reality we live with today. The Governments of the world, especially America use plants, shills, and provocateurs to preserve false belief in society and keep people in line with the mind control they were brought up in. I have / had family members, roommates, friends, and coworkers that work or have worked for the CIA, Army Intelligence, and the UN Intelligence. God has deliberately put these people in my life so that I can speak on these subjects not as a “conspiracy theorist,” but one having first and second hand knowledge of these subjects we speak about.

        The claims of revisionist history should not be that shocking. Empires always rewrite history to make issues simple and black / white scenarios with the good guys vs bad guys. The reality is far far different and Americas history is by no means an exception. I went to college and have taken multiple courses on American History so I have a strong foundation in the governments version. To get to the truth I started reading primary documentation by eye witnesses from all perspectives I could obtain on any issue that I questioned.

        So to get to the details of why I said that this is revisionist in nature starts with the very beginning by the use of the word “American Spirit.” Like the Catholic Church uses the martyrs and saints to justify its divinity, if one asked these individuals I am sure we can agree many of them would be horrified to see their sacrifice used in such a way. The American Government has done that very same thing.

        For instance when the colonist came here they did not arrive on a vacant uninhabited land, some anthropologists believe that their could have been as many as 200M inhabitants before the European diseases called massive death. Christopher Columbus and the original colonist “not pilgrims” came here seeking earthly riches. If you read the diary of the Catholic Priest that sailed with him, you would not celebrate Columbus day, but mourn the evil that man did.

        On the other hand we have the Pilgrims who came here not to build empire, but to flee the persecution of the governments of Europe. To take their sacrifice and say that they were coming here to build the USA is absolutely incorrect, they were here to flee government and form a Christian community.

        Next you have the continental congress, which was suppose to amend the articles of confederation and instead they overthrew the existing government and put in the Constitution which did not give rights, but took them away. I do agree with a lot of the sentiments that some of these individual had, but they were misguided in their belief they could harness the satanic powers of the state by binding it with spells that we now call the constitution. It is also very important to remember that the Bill of Rights was not part of the original constitution, but was an amendment to it to prevent a revolt. The people of this country did not vote on the institution of the republic, but were told that this will be by government dictate.

        Then you have the the newly formed government make treaties with the native inhabitants just to break them as soon as it became convenient. You have the government giving natives smallpox infested blankets as a sign of good will, but true to its nature was using biological warfare for genocide and extermination. The Government then created the concentration camp system that Hitler himself publicly acknowledge to be the basis for his Jewish extermination camps. The government forced the natives into deserted places that could not sustain life as another level of genocide and when they found valuable resources such as Gold in the Blackhills they would send in the army to kill them off so they can take the resources. In less obvious ways this continues on to this day.

        Then you have all the wars which millions of men were slaughtered and killed. You can go back to pretty much every war from the civil war forward was fought on false pretenses and typically with staged “false flag” event used to manipulate the public. They would say we were fighting to end slavery which was not the cause of the civil war or due to the sinking of the Maine, which divers now confirmed was blown up from the inside not by the Spanish. WWI was clearly planned out well before the Sinking of the Lusitania which is evident by the creation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which first loan was used to finance the British, then they deliberately sent a passenger boat loaded in its hull full of munitions into waters they had previously spotted Uboats at half speed to cause a tragedy to rally an isolationist and peaceful nation into war. The same is true with Peril Harbor where our government had cracked the Japanese encryption and knew that the Japanese were being forced into action by US embargoes of oil and steel. When the attack came they ordered the radar operators to stand down, they took the carrier fleet out to sea, and left the navy men and solders to be slaughtered for the purpose of rallying the public into the war in the Pacific.

        The Cold War was fake you can go back to the John Birch Society and view their materials to see the overwhelming abundance of evidence to this fact. Fear is the best took for public mind control. The truth is that the Soviet Union was a welfare state of the USA. It would not have even lated past the early 30s if the USA would not have come in to feed their people. The Soviets were nearly incapable of innovation and never could feed their population all this came from America. You can study Wallstreet and the Nazi or the Bolsheviks to see how big business has financed and created every enemy this nation has fought in the last century. We went into Vietnam because of the Gulf of Tonkin incident which was fake it never happened and also to stop the spread of communism while Cuba is forming a communist state right off the coast of Florida.

        Then you have the Drug War which while the government was the number one supplier of illegal drugs ie Iran Contra, Clintons and Mina Arkansas, Afghanistan today. Which they used to militarized the police against the American people which instead of being reactionary towards violent crimes they went on the offense. All these forms of prohibition have been well known for over a century to massively increase the use and abuse of drugs. I do not want you to get the wrong idea and think I am against the soldiers I am most definitely not. I do not know anyone that is doing more for our returning vets than our farm with These men know they were fighting wars of aggression based on false flag terror, they murdered people trying to defend their homes and families which is why each and every day over 20 soldiers commit suicide.

        America is not exceptional any more. For a while we were the greatest nation not because of what the Government did, but because of the lack of government. This nation had the brightest and most innovative thinkers before the department of education came in with the Prussian System to create a slave class. This is why before the 20th century over 90% of the population was independent and self sufficient and now we have a population begging for a master to give them a job so they can work like slaves with the fake carrot of social security and 401k programs. America has the greatest prison population per capita in the history of the world. We just dropped behind Austrailia as the most obesity, were number one in drug abuse, most expensive medicine in the world, and on and on. When people talk about America being grate they are looking back at before the Government took control.

        These stories of heroic Americans are sometimes true, but they are no more the norm than any other nation. I am not happy about saying all this, but it is critically important to break through the idolitry. The American exceptionalism and the white hat cowboy of history is not true and by definition an idol. I can back up all these statements if you need more evidence, but most of this is common knowledge. I believe you guys are under the power of state witchcraft which we call today mind control. If this was something like the petty debates Christians like to have I would not waste time with it, however, I do honestly believe this is a salvation issue. If your willing I am willing to continue this discussion as far as you would like to take it. I am also open to the fact that I could be deceived, as I have been in a state of being deceived my entire life. The Spirit that speaks to me does not contradict the bible nor does it deny Yeshua so I trust that this is truely the Holy Spirit that leads me. This same spirit has compelled me to keep on this discussion even though it has made me very uncomfortable to do so. I do not think I answered all your questions, but this is already more than a blog itself in length so I think I will let you review this and if you wish to continue our discussion I welcome it.

        P.S. My reference to Paul’s story contradicting the American Exceptionalism was due to what I see as Paul being a zealot Patriot for the Pharisies which were functioning as the government under Rome and the Jesus waking him up to the truth.

    • Shane,
      I am a bit confused by some of your comments. You accuse Lyle of basic revisionist American history. Are you saying that America was not a country with a can do spirit. I do not see Lyle going into the beginning of American History and re-writing the life of the founders. I do see Lyle pointing out that America has always been a country that demonstrated through our military and even our sports teams that we need perseverance. That is the tie in to the life of Rabbi Shaul (Paul), he was a model of perseverance. He fought for the Lord until his dying days in a roman prison. He was chased, beaten and left for dead but continued to deliver the gospel. That is what is needed today, people that are bold enough to spread the good news, even in the face of persecution. That same American spirit is needed, but this time it is needed for those willing to stand for the truth because rough times are ahead, just read your bible, Yeshua did not keep this a secret. I am very confused regarding your comment that Rabbi Shaul was filled with false patriotic idolatry prior to his conversion. Where do you get that from? Did you read what I read. I can see how Lyle tied in our American spirit to what is needed today- perseverance. But this time for preparing ourselves for what is coming through the New World Order, a very old concept and a satanic one at that. Let us put on our breastplates of armor every day because as Rabbi Shaul points out the real war is a spiritual battle, not a battle like we have ever seen or known (Ephesians chapter 6 for more on this.) One last point, Satan loves it when we argue over things that distract us from the real message and that is we who call ourselves believers in the Lord are commissioned to go out to all nations and spread the good news. All Lyle is doing is reminding us of this, not by being bi-polar but uni-polar, tying together the thread of the American spirit with the spirit shown to us by Rabbi Shaul. Thanks for your comments, it keeps the discussion real and gives us a chance to have a conversation. May the Lord bless you and keep you,
      Rabbi Eric


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