Monday, April 12, 2021
BIBLICAL ANSWERS Obama says: Don’t Listen to Anyone but Me!

Obama says: Don’t Listen to Anyone but Me!

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Obama above all

It had to happen.


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After every victory Barack Obama not only gloats, but in very vindictive and overt ways he rubs it in the face of those he thinks he has trumped. He has gone above and beyond just ridiculing those who wanted to defund ObamaCare with advice for all Americans to stop listening to other Americans!

In a very Hitlerian kind of admonishment, he said we should all stop listening to radio hosts, bloggers and talking heads and just help him to get on with his plan to save the economy, jobs et al.

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It is abundantly clear that Mr. Obama has been skipping the blogs and most likey not tuning in Savage or Rush. He also has probably not visited one of the sites that keep the ongoing record of his open and public lies.

No doubt he missed WND’s article of October 18, 2013 by Joseph Farah entitled simply, ‘The Lies of Obama.’ No doubt he missed the video at called ‘Top 25 ‘laws of the land’ under attack by Obama’ or Examiner’s even more scathing piece called, ‘Top 50 reasons people keep comparing Obama to Hitler.’

Should the ‘Audacity of Hope’ have been titled “The Audacity of Listening to Someone Else Besides Me” Should all the trusted voices, all the opposing sides just be ignored? Should we ignore our preachers and prophets, politicians and pundits, and financial analysts who are predicting a financial Armageddon?

Will we now join with the Chinese government that warns and arrests bloggers for creating alleged ‘rumors’ about the communist leaders or their policies? How long will it be before we can simply round up all the opposing voices and have them all disappear into internment camps or worse? Sound impossible? Have you watched the video?

Are those articles about Obama’s narcissism and megalomania that once seemed extravagant and a bit too extreme, coming home to roost in the land of reality?

When will a full scale crackdown begin? Can we expect that soon Sean Hannity will be pulled off his TV set and slapped in handcuffs for disagreeing with the ‘anointed one?’

Is it a Biblical principle at work? In the bible evil rulers were allowed to go on for a very long time, Pharaoh, Ahab, Jezebel and others were oppressive for longer than most people wanted to believe. The principle is simple, the leader’s judgment is sure but time is needed to gather together the followers. Those of like mind are pulled together for the final outcome of their decline and foolishness, and then they are all thrust into the same confusion at once.

Elijah the prophet had to flee from the antics of both Jezebel and Ahab, but when their end came all those who followed them and their trusty prophets (mouthpieces) were dealt with just as severely. (2 Kings 9: 1f)

When the financial collapse of America comes will the left leaning media come to Obama’s side with help? Don’t count on it – they will abandon him like the plague and the voices that we were told not to listen to will return to favor overnight. Although by then it may be far too late.

Men and women with integrity and love of country are all calling for reason to prevail – Obama is calling for them to be silenced. He is asking us to willingly ignore those voices and hear only his – yes this does sound very much like that German man who tore both his own nation and the entire world to pieces before anyone could see that his voice was the last one anyone should have been heeding.

When the last and final despot (Antichrist) comes to rule the emerging and long awaited New World Order, the great harvest comes all at once. An entire chapter of Revelation is engaged to describe that final harvest of souls. It is not a pretty site, but it is universal. Leaders and followers are gathered together, to wit:

“And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe. And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God.” (Rev 14: 18, 19)

How this crowd got to the dreaded place of judgment described in this passage was simple, they listened to the wrong voices. It started with enthusiasm for a new leader, went to a call for political correctness and then capitulated to strong enforcement, fear and intimidation. Soon it became the law the rest is history.

Is the U.S. about to become history?

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  1. Excellent article Michael, thank you for posting it. Americans need to wake up to the reality of what is happening in this country because it is not good. Obama’s leadership is more like tyranny then leadership. Funny how he likes to quote the American people and then at every turn ignores the people’s wishes. Funny how Obama likes to criticize the actions of others while not being able to see that he himself contributes to the problems a LOT!

  2. Thanks for posting this article because the truth needs to be told.

    Obama said, ” Now that the government is open and this threat to our economy is removed…” Is he kidding?? The threat to our economy is no longer a threat but a looming promise due to his irresponsible leadership! Just keep lifting the debt ceiling and it will all go away. He stole the future of this country while his “sheeple” bleated their approval! What a shame.

  3. Please! Prophecy-guided people have been imagining “Anti-Christs” for centuries, and we are always in the “last days” according to “prophecies” very carefully chosen from scripture, and subjectively interpreted. You know by now that no one in this country will ever infringe on your right to worship (as so many of you are always imagining) – fundamentalism has ranged freely for centuries in the U.S. I know that this is hard (almost impossible!) for you to understand, but most of the people in this world do NOT see life as you do. You seem to believe that there are simple truths, and that your understanding of life is the only possible one. Do you realize how many belief systems have taken this uncompromising position over the millenia? You can’t all be right!
    Yes, it would be nice if it were all as simple as you imagine, but the middle ages have ended. The human race – or at least its scientific/intellectual population – is now in its adulthood.
    Fundamentalism seems childish to many of us, but most of us do not want to get in the way of your form of worship – we just do not want you to tell us how WE show live, or who we should vote for. There are theocracies in the world, which you claim to despise (for example, Islamic fundamentalism), but be honest with yourselves: Don’t you wish you could dictate issues like birth control, homosexuality and abortion? Wouldn’t you love to openly use your pulpits to propagate your political views? Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that many of you do not want separation of church and state, and you appreciate democracy only insofar as it coincides with your values.
    And please, even though you now have some common political causes with them, you should admit that you believe that most Roman Catholics will perish in the fires of Hell, since they are not “saved?” What about the Jews, whom you claim to value so much? What will happen to them when they die? (I won’t even mention Mormons and other sects that do not share your worldview). You well know that none of these faiths (and all the others in the world – the majority of the world’s population) offer the truth. Those who are not “saved in the blood” (only as you understand it!) must perish in the eternal flames, and that obviously includes us agnostics.
    I have known Christian fundamentalists who were among the kindest, most caring and accepting people on earth, but that was in a different era. Yes, I know you think that is unimportant, the “covenant of works,” but you should admit that these are basic human values. Don’t forget that fundamentalists of some other faiths have renounced humanistic values entirely – the more extreme of them have turned their backs on humanity, and respect only their faith, even becoming terrorists for the sake of their religion.
    I know I am probably delusional to think that this will not be taken down, but I’ve been holding this in for decades.
    Sorry for the harsh words – I really believe you help others by giving suffering people the answers in a life where there are no answers, but you will do well to avoid mixing your faith with politics!
    Peace!, D.D.

    • Hi D.D.,

      The last days began when Christ came to earth. As for anti-christs…there have been many and there are more now than ever.This is all straight out of the Bible BTW. The Apostle John speaks of anti-christs back in his time.

      As for End Times, we are in the end of the End Times…look around you at what is happening. The weather has never been quite this bad. Natural disasters are happening with increasing frequency, even the secular world acknowledges this. All foretold in the Bible…these are signs of the end…I did not say it Christ did.

      No one will infringe on our right to worship??? Do you not read the news? How about Christians labeled as a hate group by our lovely government? How about the people in California arrested for having a Bible study in their home? Read it here:
      How about the Muslims and others throwing stones and other items at Believers in Dearborn MI…read it here:
      How about this one?
      Persecution of followers of Christ is beginning in the U.S.

      People are free to chose what to believe in obviously. I choose to believe in Christ, He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The Bible is the ONLY book to accurately predict the future…no other has done so. Isaiah predicted the coming of Jesus hundreds of years before it happened. Over 300 prophecies in the OT concerning Christ…and they ALL came true. What are the odds of that do you suppose?

      There is only one God, and so yes I believe there are some simple truths! Ever wonder why people the world over hold many of the same values regardless of their religious orientation? Such as killing is bad, we should not lie, steal, cheat on our spouse etc…that is our conscience and God put it there.

      Obama is a horrible president, if you can’t see that you must not pay attention to what he has done. You can vote any way you choose, that is your choice. But why would anyone vote for Obama? He does what he likes and does not care what “the people” he says he represents think. A good example of this is the healthcare bill, most people did not and do not want it, Obama did it anyway. Sorry but I myself simply worry about what he and others are doing to this country. So do you think embracing homosexuality is good? I do not! It is a sin for one thing and destructive for another. Keep in mind here that I most certainly do NOT hate these people! My former brother-in-law was gay, I did NOT like his lifestyle but I did like him and love him as family!

      The Islamic agenda? please…how in the world can anyone see that as good? Do you not see what they do? They are TOLD by there God to kill all peope who do not agree with their faith! Look it up it’s in the Quran.

      Other religions and people in general…if they do not believe in Christ, then yes they will not be saved. The Christ of the Bible not the Christ of the Muslims who they say is a liar.

      Works do NOTHING for you unless you are first saved! Eternal life is a gift from God, works are a natural outflow from that. I have known people as well that I would say are better people than I am…but they do not know the Lord and so are not saved, the Bibles words not mine. Eternal life is about faith in Christ not how many nice things you do.

      Yes there are folks who have gone off the deep end…that is also wrong. We are according to Christ to love all people, not tolerate their sin but love them just the same.

      Keep in mind please that although we here are Believers in Christ, we ARE a news service!

      God bless you
      Vine Of Life News

      • Greg I believe that D.D. is like so many others who are simply blinded by the signs of ending times. Jesus commanded us to watch for those times and yet when we do, we are criticized by all sides. If it is not clear to D.D. that this administration is preparing the entrance for the anti-Christ, than Derf is simply going to be unprepared for Christ when he returns. We are told that most would reject this subject as they did in the days of Noah so I am not surprised. It is sad to watch those who are simply not ready to meet Christ because they are of the world.

      • Greg, thanks for taking the time to answer Derf. Your reply is well thought out and is what I would have said. We cannot hide behind the old ‘all things continue as they were’ this is clearly a different time and with Israel restored to nationhood as of 1948 this is no longer a question.

        Thanks, Rev MB


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