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BIBLE STUDY / DEVOTIONALS Pride & Cleaning House

Pride & Cleaning House

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“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land”  2 Chronicles 7:14 NKJV


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PRIDE is holding back the decision making process in Congress.  This pride is the same pride that led to the fall of the Roman Empire…… and other world powers throughout history. Pride is the cause of Satan’s fall from heaven and Eve’s removal from the Garden of Eden, along with her husband Adam.

“I’m right and you are wrong. I know what is best and you don’t know anything.” I confess that I have fallen into this prideful attitude, in life and during this political fight that is wearing down many Americans. Yes, there are a lot of folks we can blame, for they have disappointed us greatly. Yes, Americans have the right to be mad and express their anger in words and lawful protest. We have succeeded in letting our political leaders know about our true feelings.  Praise God, we still live in a free country where we can safely express our discontent and have an affect on our government leaders. 

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What affect you may ask? Well, I seriously doubt many of them will be reelected back into office. I predict there will be a cleaning out of cobwebs. Yes, the old rusty politicians who have made a CAREER out of being a member of Congress, when really a term should be just that….. for a limited time, will have to discover humility once again as one of the unemployed.   Long terms incur too much power and pride. There will be room for new blood with fresh ideas. 

Right now, all eyes are on the United States. This fight has weakened our great nation and made us vulnerable and weak.  Therefore, today I am laying aside my strong thoughts in this matter and praying. I am asking God to help the United States and for HIS WILL to be done regarding this incredibly large political mess. 

No, I do not like the “work” or the people who are now in office, but they are there right now and we have to depend on them to make the right decision for the welfare of our country.  We elected them into office.  WE have to own that that truth and take responsibility for our actions. This is a good reminder to all of us of how precious our right to vote is, for many of us don’t bother to utilize this gift (and many of us don’t take the time to become a well-informed voter). But like LOT in Sodom and Gomorrah …. there must be at least a few politicians trying to bridge the gap of hostile indecision. Can we not pray for them?  Why not pray that they find favor with other politicians? I ask that God give them the words that will turn hearts and change minds, so that once again our land is unified. It is not an issue of Democrats or Republicans being right…. It is God who is always right!! Sadly, we have forgotten to ask HIM what HE wants to be done. Remember…. In God We Trust!

I do know that there are many folks just holding on by a shoestring, a hope, and a prayer. I am one of those people.  However, God PROMISES to provide for all our needs. This is why we need to cast aside our fears.  Fear will hinder our ability to think clearly.  Our grandparents (or great-grandparents depending on your age) made it through the Great Depression. We can make it through this day…. Whether a decision is made or not.  There is always hope and help from God. 

Loss and great sacrifices have already happen because of this political mess (and there may be a lot more), but maybe, just maybe, this is an answer to prayer. Is God bringing about a new revival? Tribulations have a way of getting our eyes back on God. Worry will accomplish nothing but there is power in prayer.  Please get down on your knees today and ask for God’s mercy and help. If we all humble ourselves and pray, He just might heal our land.


Our country needs you. Our politicians have a big decision to make, and many people are depending on their ability to set aside pride and do what is right for America. There are strong feelings and motives that need to be purified. Cast out pride and give us all humble and contrite hearts. We ask that the politicians we elected vote according to Your wisdom and will. I also ask that you help us to accept the final outcome of this matter….. knowing YOU are in control. To God be the glory. We praise and thank YOU. Amen

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  1. Thank you so much for this post.I have a prayer partner and we pray on a regular basis and pray immediately as needs come up. Our incense been rising on a regular basis for the US of A. We agree, sister with everything that you have prayed here and more. May I please ask you to pray for my husband. He has horrific pains in both of his legs that the doctor is trying to get to the bottom of. Last week he was taken off a medication that may or may not be the cause. Jesus knows what the problem is, I trust Him above all and am praying over my husband tonight in the power of the Holy Spirit. Ask Greg and Lyn to remember “Barney” (his nickname) in prayer also. I Thank You, Cheryl – May God continue to us you as He is now!

    • Hello Marble,
      Thanks for your comment and clarification. I guess what I was trying to say is that there are many career politicians in Congress. I do not think the Founding Fathers intended one man/woman to sit in the House of Reps or the Senate for 20-40 years.

      • Extended incumbency can be expected to go bad given human nature. It takes a moral, honest, dedicated American to avoid what is called in the Senate, “Going purple.” You know, taking on the Divine right of kings as a senator.


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