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Who’s to Blame? – by Americans Stand with Israel


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Americans Stand with Israel by Bee Sting

A “Barry-cade” prevents visitors from entering the Badlands National Park
Who do we blame?!

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From the WWII Memorial to the Grand Canyon and beyond, Obama’s shutdown (the first in 17 years) has caused frustration among all Americans.
Obama blames the Republicans and not to be outdone, the Republicans blame the Democrats. The Senate blames the House and the House blames the Senate.
Meanwhile, Independent Truckers organized a 3-day Rally.
How did we get here – to a point where Americans are angry, frustrated and fed up with its government?!
Like a tea kettle on low heat, the pot has been on “simmer” for five years – it reached a boiling point just before 9/11/2013 – and on 9/11, American patriots, almost ONE MILLION, rode into Washington, D.C. to say, “Hello America! We’re here and we are fed up with the way our government is failing here on the homefront, and over there, with poor decisions in U.S. foreign policies”.
Not a peep was heard from our Media – only the sounds of engines roaring – the kick stands were up, but no one paid attention; the media held a blackout, not wanting to cause “waves” among our politicians.
And so, the truckers stepped in to pick up the slack of silence, and they within a short month’s time, said “We will go!”. That, before our Veterans were so poorly treated by their own Dept. of Defense and the White House’s decision to shut their Memorial down.
The Veterans, not being citizens who remain silent, stood together and within days (one week) joined together to “March” on Washington tomorrow, to speak for ALL veterans and those who died last week in Afghanistan – to come home to “silence”, as the White House and Pentagon refused to pay benefits to their families to allow for an honorable burial service.
Never, in U.S. history, have our Veterans been mistreated so poorly! Never, in our history, have our Military been betrayed by our government.
Who’s to blame?
There aren’t a MILLION truckers on the scene in Washington and rumors have it that some actually blame them for not having a larger Rally. The newspapers blame the rain and scoff at any attempt to hold a demonstration in Washington – they say, “No one is listening”!
We have become so “satisfied” as a nation that things will eventually turn around, that we sit in our comfortable homes, watch the football game, and complain about the price of Milk – with a “Let the other guy speak for me” attitude, that we should wonder why the Mall in D.C. is half empty.
God bless America, Land of the Free!
Free for how long?! Free until the lights turn off? Until America is transformed into a Marxist/Socialist nation, supporting terrorists in nations that burn our flags and cry “Death to America”.
I could blame Obama, but America is what it is today, due to the numbness, complacency, and laziness of its citizens who prefer this government to “speak” for them; the same citizens who like sheep, follow a usurper in the White House who speaks a “foreign” language – the language of Communism, who hates America’s troops, Veterans, and its Constitution.
Do not blame the ones refusing to MARCH to Obama’s tune; blame those who willingly follow a few elites in Washington, but rather, those who refuse to STAND UP and take a stand to protect the culture, liberties and freedom of these United States under our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.
The closings of the National Parks was Obama’s way of showing disrespect to all that represents America. He wanted to punish all of us for not giving in to his ongoing “transformation” of America.
………… and still, the sounds of silence from the majority. If allowed to continue, the next sound you will here, if history repeats itself, will be the sounds of railway trains heading off to FEMA Camps .. and you, dear American, who remained silent, will be the first on those trains!
That’s it America – the choice is yours to make – “silence” or “standing up”!

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  1. Marianne – Thank you for posting thoughtful and even prayerful articles. I have been blessed reading your words, and I pray our Lord blesses you and your efforts. LYLE –

  2. Amen and AMEN Marianne! Thank you for telling it like it is! To many are complacent and just simply do not say anything. Obama is this countries worst nightmare…and we the people have allowed it to happen. I fear for the future of this country greatly.

    God bless you sis

  3. @Lyle and Greg Too many of us have kept our voices silenced. As much as I hate what is going on, too often I just thought someone somewhere would stand and do something. I was wrong. I should have spoken up instead of waiting for someone else to do it! We can start now to lift our voices and speak up and against the atrocities of these dark days. We must! We are in the army of the living God!

    • Marianne, there are many of us who are doing something and speaking out. The witchcraft of the media is very strong and one of the ways they deceive you is they act as if they represent the people. The media does not speak for the people and as you said in your article they do not report on what is really happening. The majority are as always sheep to the slaughter and short of bringing them to Christ so they can see the truth through the lies they have no hope. However, there is a minority maybe as high as 15% of our population that is awake and preparing. This is the first time I can see in history where people have started the rebuilding process before the collapse. Fear and hopelessness are tool of mind control “witchcraft” that the state uses.
      I also want to say that if you think you can get any good from the state you are deceived. You can not get good from evil and the state is the initiation of violence, theft, extortion, coercion, and just about every kind of sinful thing one can think of and the people give them a pass because they are the government. We all know you can not serve two masters, however, many who would call themselves Christians believe you can serve both God and State. Most of the history of this “former great republic” is revisionist. There has never been such a thing as a good government, go back to Moses and the people demanding a pagan government, God said give it to them and he listed out the curse they will endure for it. You do not need to be part of that curse, come out of Babylon, divorce yourself from the system not by resisting evil, but by simply refusing to play their game.

      • Hi Shane, thanks for stopping and commenting. I know that there are people who are standing for truth. My point was that in many ways we have all become complacent in this wicked battle.

        I don’t understand what “rebuilding process” you are seeing because I frankly am not seeing it. Even though I did not write this article, I wholeheartedly agree that there are too many believers sitting on the sidelines and not standing up against what is happening. The proof of this, my friend, is that the darkness is growing every day. The word of God tells us that in ending times there will be a spirit of delusion that will fill the earth to take down even the elect if that were possible. We are in those times. People are actually giving evil a pass! As the prophet Daniel saw in his vision of the last days of a time when truth would be thrown to the ground we are watching as a lie is accepted as good! Those who belong to Christ have no fear for we cannot be destroyed! However, we MUST keep working despite the cause to shine the light of Christ until he comes. I don’t know where you got your percentage of who is awake and what they are doing. I pray it is higher than that. And I don’t know what you are referring to when you speak about serving two masters because this article is not talking about that. It speaks about complacency in the face of evil. Those who love the world will die with the world. Those who set themselves apart for Christ will be spared.

        I pray that my brothers and sisters in Christ will keep their heart open tot he leading of God in these final days. He has a purpose for us being here at this time. Stay strong, my friends, for God has made us victors despite the pain that you may be going through now.

        • Hi Marianne, Not all of us have become complacent, myself amongst others are extremely active. The rebuilding process I see is people who are starting to build their lives with the expectation that the economy and government are on the verge of collapse. Its not a large percent, but also not insignificant. God has personally been directing me into the food production business for this reason amongst others. Also the governments have been working hard towards a system where no one can buy or sell with out their permission. In many ways were already there, and if you can not survive with out money you will have no choice but to receive the mark of the beast or die.

          I would also disagree that their are to many believers sitting on the side line. Sitting on the side line to me is a major indicator that they do not believe. How can believers sit back and watch as the US Government chomps at the bit to go in and destroy Syria “Damascus” and not see prophesy is coming to light. We might be given another delay, but I do not think that any real believer can sit back and not take action with so much prophesy coming true in our time.

          Your absolutely correct that sin is now glorified and lies are preached as truth. The question I would ask is how far down that rabbit hole have you gone? Almost everything considered science these days is based on or simply is a lie. Today nearly all the intellectuals are snagged by the government at young ages and given places or honor and money in the form of grants. All they ask is that they keep going along with the lies.

          Do not hang on my percentage it is based off my experience and from seeing dozens of poles from politics and so on. As far as why I thought it was relevant to mention you can not serve two masters here is a quote from the post: “STAND UP and take a stand to protect the culture, liberties and freedom of these United States under our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.” Government and the state are pagan constructs much of which was born out of Babylon. You can STAND UP for Christ or you can STAND UP for the Government, but you can not stand for both. They are diametrically opposed to each other the Government rarely says anything that is not a lie, they fund themselves with stolen money, and I do not know if you can name a sin they don’t commit every single day. And what good have they done? You will know them by their fruits, you can not get good out of evil. The constitution and Bill of Rights are a disgrace to God, these rights are not the Governments to give they are God Given. If you have any other questions or would like more examples I would be happy to give them. I would also highly recommend that you listen or read Leo Tolstoys book “The Kingdom of God is With in You.”

          • Shane, I have no idea why you are being so argumentative about this article. For you to say that you cannot stand against tyranny in government and serve Christ because you can’t serve two masters is baffling to me. Where are you getting that? This article is talking about taking a stand against the evil that is going on by standing to protect our liberties guaranteed to us by the Constitution. How do you arrive in you mind that you are serving another master because you chose to fight for what is right? I truly do not understand your argument. You also make a blanket statement saying, “Today nearly all the intellectuals are snagged by the government at young ages and given places or honor and money in the form of grants. All they ask is that they keep going along with the lies.” WHERE are you getting your facts?

            Finally, your statement that, “The constitution and Bill of Rights are a disgrace to God, these rights are not the Governments to give they are God Given” is totally off base and out of line. All those in authority were put there by God as it says in his word. Our Founding Fathers put signed the Constitution and Bill of Rights in their leadership authority in America. I don’t think you get it, Shane.

          • I am sorry you misunderstood me, typing things out often fails to convey the spirit of the person speaking. I am not trying to be argumentative at all just preach what God has led me to say. I never said anything about not being able to resist tyranny, that is exactly what I am talking about when I say you can not participate with government.

            My point is that the State is a religious construct, it is entirely faith based. People assign themselves the name government and then go around doing all evil things and expecting us to sit by and accept it because they are the government. Since all government power comes from the barrel of the gun, when people vote, lobby, corrupt, or what ever to get their will done through the government what in fact they are doing is trying to get the guns of the government to point at and force their will on their opponents, absolutely in no way can one say they are a Christian and also harness the power of government. Politics is just war with out bloodshed. The verse that you can not serve to masters is Matthew 6:24.

            The way the state grabs the intellectuals at childhood is through the education system. The system that replaced what once made America great is called the Prussian Education System. You can look it up their is massive amounts of information available on it and how it destroys the genius before they even have a chance. Those who make it in the system are then recruited into academia which teaches very little truth.
            Along the way are many gate keepers that bar access to promotion with in the academic system if you do not tow the line.

            Do you think it is an accident that all the government funded scientist agree that the earth is billions of years old and that we are evolved apes? Modern medicine is entirely based on the evolutionary model, so is psychology, anthropology, paleontology, social sciences and so on. There are people that break free from this web, but it is an uphill battle with almost no mainstream exposure and definitely no government funding. These facts are self evident, however, if you want more information its a true passion I would love to share more.

            I do not understand why you would say my statement of the constitution was off base and out of line? All of our freedom and rights are given to us by God until someone typically calling themselves government takes them from you. The Constitution did not give you any rights its actually took them from you, and then after objections they amended it with what we call the Bill of Rights. The revisionist history of our founding fathers being saintly Christians is just not true, at least not with all of them. They were mostly involved in a Luciferian cult called the Freemasons.

            I assume that you mean by authorities what Romans 13 calls calls higher powers and that they equal government, I believe that is a deliberate misinterpretation created by governments. I would be very interested in where else you see that in the bible. My point that Governments are pagan and a rejection of God is put forth perfectly in 1 Samuel 8.

            I am sorry I come across rude and argumentative it is not intentional. If you knew me in real live you would know I have a huge heart and care about and love everyone. I am passionate about this issue, because I see a huge portion of the church being led astray by this deception.


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