Monday, April 19, 2021
BREAKING NEWS Subtle News Surfacing About Obama’s Trip & What He Will Do

Subtle News Surfacing About Obama’s Trip & What He Will Do

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“Just a short post to update on obama’s upcoming trip to Israel.  There’s subtle things in the news this morning that are more significant than meets the eye.  The white house has made a statement that obama will cancel his trip to Israel unless Netanyahu forms his government by March 16.  Then there’s another article that states the white house wants a member of the Lapid (Netanyahu’s opposing party) as foreign minister.  Then there is the article that say’s Netanyahu has done a complete 180 turn and invited this Lapid into his government.  That’s not all, here is an article detailing a peace agreement that is almost straight out of the ‘Left Behind Series.’  We need to pay attention to this.  If this is the acutual peace agreement that is being put forth, this could very well be the peace agreement that will usher in the Anti-christ.  This will not be good for us, if this is indeed already in the works.  The following is the link for this peace plan, you’ll want to read it!  Parts of it call for a shared Temple arrangement, a Nato led security force in Jerusalem and a rail line from Gaza to Jerusalem.  You can’t make this stuff up.  You’ll want to read the whole article.”


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Again, take time to work through this, it is very significant.  It seems as if obama is already paving the way for a new order of things in Jerusalem.  Remember God say’s this will not happen.  If this plays out like it’s beginning to look like it will, we are in for a wild ride.

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  1. This is getting creepy because news is coming out that the peace deal is to split Jerusalem and give half rule tot the Palestinians. Also Hagel and Brezinski are involved with Obama going to posit this Abrahamic covenant violating agreement. Even the planet X people are calling for a 9+ earthquake about the time of the visit. Craziness.


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