Thursday, April 15, 2021
OP-ED It's Time For America's Sport's Professional's To Be Held Accountable

It’s Time For America’s Sport’s Professional’s To Be Held Accountable

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough.  I think it’s past time to tell the sports community that it’s time for them to grow up and be held accountable for their actions.  Recent days has seen Tim Tebow refuse to witness to a church, because it wouldn’t fit into his image in the sport’s arena.  


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It might hurt his image, if he spoke at a church that thought marriage was between a man and a woman, and a church that didn’t bow to political correctness.  He sold his soul for fame and fortune.  Then today Dennis Rodman, who has been known as a kook anyway, just topped the list.  He visited No. Korea with the Harlem Globe Trotters.  What were they doing in North Korea?  What was he doing there?  This goes beyond kooky, and hints at treason.  

Forget that No. Korea has repeatedly said that they will wipe the US off the map, and we’re their greatest enemy.  Forget the videos they are sending showing America and obama in flames from a nuclear weapon.  Forget they are allied with Iran.  Forget all that, and for just a minute think.  While Rodman and Kim were partying it up on their party date, drinking and feasting like Kings.  The people of No. Korea are starving, and being tortured, imprisoned, if they leave, they are hunted like dogs.  What kind of a person, would travel to an evil country like this, and wine and dine the leader and tell him, “I am your friend for life?”  A narcissistic person like Rodman.

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Maybe it’s time for us to stand up and say enough!  Maybe we should stop patronizing them until they get the message, that we’re tired of their satanic rituals, their out and out dis-respect for the American people and American values!  Their out and out dis-respect for God! And Country!!  They are pathetic.  They are selling their soul’s to the highest bidder, for 5 minutes of fame and fortune.  And what’s worse is our children are watching them, and getting the message that this type of behavior is OK!

If you think this is just a few misbehaving and it doesn’t represent the whole team so to speak.  Think again!  Even our American passtime has been affected with doping!  How long until we say enough!

Do we really expect to change and turn back to God, when we allow and help this kind of role model for our children?  This evil has permeated every aspect of our lives and it’s time to speak out.  I don’t know what the answer is, except, let’s go back to community sports like we used to.  Stop patronizing these things, stop buying their products, and tickets, don’t you think they would listen if all of a sudden, their pocket book shrunk, and they couldn’t give away tickets?  You can’t watch any kind of game anymore without being subjected to some type of lude, crude behavior!  Then their lives off camera are just as bad!  Their drunken parties, and lewd conduct in public is disgraceful.  I could site many instances, but I wouldn’t have enough room.  Pray for our nation, not only for leaders but the people that have a day to day influence on our children, and others.  The church’s need to be warning of this!  Instead they are silent, in the face of great sin.  God will not hold them blameless.

Here’s a few pictures of Rodman’s new best friend:

images (7)images (8)images (9)images (10)images (11)

images (12)

You can read about Rodman here.


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  1. These are pictures of North Koreans, this is more wide spread than most Know. It’s awful. North Korea has seen an increase in persecution, and starvation. They were in the news recently with stories of cannabalism due to starvation. My heart goes out to North Korea. Open Doors USA says they are just about number one on countries with persecution. This whole thing really hit me, to see the wining and dining like kings, and the people are starving, and facing death camps. Pray for the people of North Korea.


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